Merlin Rocket Training 2010

07/04/2010 13:45:08
The Rutland training is filling up and we are well into double participant figures.
To tempt you further, trying viewing the video from last year's training. Words of wisdom abound. You won't find this practical, sometimes hard hitting, coaching in a book.

"Merlin Rocket Training 2009"

(Thanks Alan F)

Entry materials on the forum under 'training'

Steve W

07/04/2010 16:09:22
I love the commentry: "bums are just perched, it's not good enough."
07/04/2010 17:07:16
as JK said,
"we'll sort it later"

11/04/2010 23:22:59
James 3403
i am unable to do the friday trainin duo 2 not being able 2get the time of. Wud i still need 2 pay the full amount?

11/04/2010 23:25:55
James 3403
i am unable to do the friday trainin duo 2 not being able 2get the time of. Wud i still need 2 pay the full amount?

11/04/2010 23:29:26
James 3403
i am unable to do the friday trainin duo 2 not being able 2get the time of. Wud i still need 2 pay the full amount?

12/04/2010 13:25:10
No time off, boat has a hole in it, and the rest of the family don't view the county of Rutland as a holiday destination.....INFURIATING.

Would love to be there with you, making vast progression in my skills, but hopefully another year.

12/04/2010 14:10:13
a deal can always be struck. Its been done before.

The costs are not all daily variable so its not a straight third off Im afraid.
would that be OK?
I'll have to work out the implications.


12/04/2010 14:12:48
its a fantastic place.
Birds, cycling, walking and the amazing "Water Golf" !!

12/04/2010 21:10:46
Robin Szemeti
I hope to be able to get there, but as I have only just got the boat back in one piece and only just got the first coat of epoxy on it ... I have no idea if it will be ready in time. If it is I will try to be there, but I fully appreciate it will be a last minute booking, and if its full, its full.

I had also hoped to have had some time on the water in it, but since I broke it in January and have only just repaired it. the hours count is still very low :( oh well, back to the sandpaper and varnish brush!

13/04/2010 06:56:56
Hi Robin,
Have been following your saga withh much interest. Congrats on all the hard work. Hope you can make it as would love to see the results in the flesh. Best of luck with your sanding.

13/04/2010 15:55:26
Blimey lot's of pre course homework....this looks a bit serious!

13/04/2010 16:12:06
Just imagine what the evening washups are going to be like

13/04/2010 22:00:14
James 3403

I have looked at the costs and the reduced two day fee would be £125.

13/04/2010 22:01:45
evening washups are done by the catering staff!

friday basic dinner with quiz,
Sat night evening smart food dinner

13/04/2010 22:14:38
'smart food dinner' - I never like a meal with an IQ higher than my own!

14/04/2010 08:45:35
For proper prior planning, Angela needs to know, does that mean "smart dress" for Saturday? Please appreciate that this will mean double the suitcases for GG!

14/04/2010 09:22:14
NB "Washup" (colloq) - Informal post event discussion/debrief conducted with the assistance of copious quantities of hop cocktail or alcofrolic beverage of choice.

14/04/2010 09:31:48
Sorry but no one mentioned having to wear a dress! The hem will catch in the toe straps and the high heels (obligatory) will no doubt puncture the bouyancy bags.  I'll have to draw the line at helping with the washing up.

14/04/2010 09:53:21
Kieron, think you will look fantastic in wetsuit and cocktail frock. Am hoping coaches will brief on movement in the boat to avoid high heels damaging flotation. Just think how good your calves will look - bound to distract competitors astern.

14/04/2010 16:35:08
I shall not be wearing a dress. No requirement for ladies to wear anything at all

Its smart food with smart talk and smarties for pudding wine.

What do you call an underground train full of Smarties?
A tube of Professors.

whoops told that wrong.

17/04/2010 11:54:56
One of the training sessions will be dressage.
You have to get the Merlin to stand on its rudder.

17/04/2010 19:48:32
Will that be smart dressage or smart casual dressage

20/04/2010 14:50:48
Can anyone reccomend a plaiting technique for the mainsheet tail? and is it necessary to tie up the main's indicator ribbons in bows for this dressage?

20/04/2010 16:04:28
David Child
I think a "red ribbon" on the tail would be in order for some!

20/04/2010 19:45:24
from now on the traveller will be known as the horse.
And it will be all 15 hands on deck.

20/04/2010 20:23:18
I thought the traveller was the person who came from furthest away to the event?

20/04/2010 21:35:34
Only if it came on passage.

21/04/2010 06:58:35
Horse linament packed. Saddled up, boots and jodphurs at the ready. Have told crew there will be a rosette for best presented filly. Banbury has shown what a fantastic opportunity/challenge we are for the coaches.

21/04/2010 09:04:33
Andrew M
just waiting for the strop to come up

21/04/2010 09:14:00
Dear Steve,
Im lost, very lost.I feel im now out of my depth,I will come clean ,I domt know anything about horses and am extremely allergic to them. i therefore suggest you speak to my friend a Mr J .Herriot as I feel he may be more useful to you regarding the m.o.t.'s.
yours sincerely
Phil Scott

22/04/2010 17:36:17

Dont be worried, youre not out of your depth, its not Saddlers Wells and I am sure that you will be able to Opera te at full capacity.

PS to readers. The standard of jokes will improve on the course. Probably coarser.

22/04/2010 19:47:45
Dear DH,
GG (3346) in need of serious fettling. Have been told you are the finest wrangler in the business. Am looking forward to seeing your nautical smithying in action and forging some solutions with your advice. Promise not to throw a shoe when you check her knees and girth.

24/04/2010 15:21:18
another one signed up today

26/04/2010 14:16:43
still time to make arrangements to attend the training.

weather forecasts look good.

26/04/2010 19:11:04
Robin Szemeti
Doh,  I fear even if I get the varnishing finished (and to be fair, I could have come in a part varnished boat) the re-gluing of the centreboard case and mast base is not going to be done in time :(

29/04/2010 13:49:47
its STILL not too late.

email me an entry and bring your cheque!

04/05/2010 15:50:25
Thanks to all the trainers: massive talent; massive commitment.

Thanks to all participants without whom we would not have so much fun.

Thanks to Rutland Sailing Club. They make it easy!

Thanks to Osprey Catering: good food all round.

special thanks to Pat Blake who brought his RIB for training use and let me play with it. Awesome.

steve watson


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