Spinnaker sheets - how long

07/04/2010 09:21:58
I need to order some spinnaker sheets for a Canterbury Tails. Can someone tell me approx how long they need to be. Tx

07/04/2010 09:28:37
It has been debated before, without a useful conclusion I fear!

If you find out, please let me know, as I am compiling a list to publish on the website. I have kicker and centreboard control line lengths only so far.

07/04/2010 09:49:56
Peter 3112
Try P&B. They used to be Part Number MER11 they do them tapered in Dyneema for Winder Tales. I can't see why they need to be much longer than twice the length of the boat so approx 9 metres if you are going the DIY (cheaper) route.

07/04/2010 10:02:12
Richard Battey
Mags, alas you were right. I asked the same question a while back and got nowhere! I think they are about 13m but hopefully, someone will respond as I want to make some tapered sheets.

07/04/2010 10:47:33
Just for the database - I replaced the puller on my Winder on Saturday. It required just short of 2m of 3mm Dyneema, allowing for hefty tails to the splices. It survived a pleasantly windy sail the next day so I think 2m x 3mm can be added to the sheet.

07/04/2010 13:46:40
... i would be amazed if it was 13m ?

07/04/2010 16:37:57
Rob Heath
mine, as supplied by P and B, are 12.5mtrs overall, 2.6mtr tapered at each end, I know it's a bit sad when you know this sort of thing.
Rob 3600

07/04/2010 22:46:28
Hurrah! We have the answer at last!

08/04/2010 08:40:53
Sorry Mags. Mine from P&B were the same but I found that there was far too much floating around in the bottom of the boat serving no purpose. Since they were tappered I could not shorten them either. I would try and measure what you really need and add a meter for luck.

08/04/2010 08:49:07
Chris M
Don't forget you need tp be able to play the kite from sitting on the rear quarter. It's maybe orth having two sets.

08/04/2010 08:57:13
Even then there seemed so much it got tied around your feet and the hoop! What fun when you realise you can't let out the main on the spinnaker sheet as they are tied together!!

08/04/2010 10:03:43
...no way you need 2.5 x the length of the boat + the width of the boat for river sailing- the helm rarely sits behind the thwart!

08/04/2010 12:05:32
That would work out to 13m for river sailing and about 17m for open water? Still seems allot to me. I will have to measure my current ones I think.

08/04/2010 16:00:51
Nick Price (214)
Remember that some boats have the sheet pullies close to the thwart and some go back not too far from the transom. That's a couple of extra metres on each side.

08/04/2010 16:17:56
sorry that was 'I dont think you could possibly need that much' (Nick P's point aside)


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