Rigging Help?!

30/03/2010 19:20:15
Anthony Lofts
Hello All,

I am attemtping to work out the rigging on my new toy and could do with a little (lot of) help understanding the one string setup, as mine appears to be rigged slightly differently to that in the gallery. (And I don't have a boat to compare to)

Going off the linked photo: I understand the function of the pulleys and the two spliced eyes, as these are the same on mine. However, I would appreciate clarification on the red dyneema (right) and the equivalent (on the opposite side) black yellow fleck. I believe the black yellow fleck loops through a pulley under the foredeck (aft) and then to the puller here,
(http://www.merlinrocket.co.uk/gallery/view_photo.asp folder=gallery/rigging_guide/3683&file=kingpost_above.jpg)
followed by here

I think the red dyneema loops through a pulley below the king post then up to the kicker.

On my boat both of the pulleys are present, but the tails for both the kicker and the puller are simply knotted to jam in their respective pulleys. Should these tails both be routed to the special block? It appears they were never connected!

Sorry for it being a bit long winded, thanks to anyone who can work out my gibberish!

31/03/2010 08:36:02
Suggest a quick call to Dave Winder

31/03/2010 09:19:30

Having just completed a one string conversion, I can tell you that yes both the puller & kicker should terminate on the 'special' block. I suspect that you might need longer ropes for each which is why they have be stopped where they have.

31/03/2010 10:45:26
Anthony Lofts

Thanks, I'll see if my ropes are long enough!


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