18/03/2010 21:08:41
Mike Anslow
The Midland SC Silver Tiller event is only 10 days away, and the Club is ready to give a warm welcome to Merlin sailors from around the country.  The reservoir is full, and the race team, galley and bar are ready to make you feel at home.

There will be the usual 3 races, with the first gun at 11.00 a.m. Directions to the club and other information can be found on www.midlandsailingclub.org.uk. If you require accommodation or have any other query, please contact me and I'll try to help.

This event is also the first of the 2010 Midland Circuit and, the prizegiving for the event will be followed by the Midland Circuit prizegiving for 2009.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Mike Anslow

19/03/2010 10:07:04
James 3403
All the merlin sailors at Redditch are looking forward to Midland.

At last count i think there will be 5 merlins coming along.

See you all there.

21/03/2010 20:16:57
All those who qualified on the Midland Circuit last year will be able to collect their unique Midland Circuit tops at the Midland Silver Tiller so make sure that you turn up so that I do not have to take them home!

22/03/2010 18:44:49
James 3403
after a very bad  weekend. I shall hopefully be at midland. Big thanks 2scotty for getin the split repaired and ready. Cu all ther.

28/03/2010 20:09:03
Thanks Midland a great days sailing.

28/03/2010 20:57:48
Big shifts. Big gusts. Areas of very light breezes. And cracking spot-on courses with beats, reaches, runs and gybes.
And on top of that some very good (as well as great value) food.

For the first time we have raced against other Merlins: THANKS!

29/03/2010 13:08:56
Results ?

29/03/2010 21:12:28
Jon 3566
Thanks a lot to everyone at Midland it was a great day..... except I think I left my race skin and wet suit socks in your shower room, did anyone find them? I'd be grateful if you could let me know.

29/03/2010 21:24:33
Rich Adams
We'll have a look when we go there tommorrow for you and let you know, glad that everyone had a good days sailing and scoffing!!!

29/03/2010 21:29:49
SO who won?

29/03/2010 22:56:47
Jon... That will be wet race skin and socks then!!

30/03/2010 08:08:10
Jon 3566
Yep very wet.....

30/03/2010 08:40:37
Matt Biggs won but not sure on the rest of the results. I think they were having a few difficulties with the software they were using doing things it shouldn't! I am sure they will post them as soon as they can.

30/03/2010 10:56:02
any results yet?

30/03/2010 13:05:44
Would be lovely to know the overall  result please????  Also did anyone get any pics?

30/03/2010 15:28:32
Come on guys give them a break! There is obviously an issue with the results so let them have time to fix it....

30/03/2010 15:30:59
Why can't we have a forum where people have to sign in with an email address, I guess this forum works because anybody can write anything but it would be good to know who asks the questions.

30/03/2010 16:19:48
Looking at some of the e-mail addresses that are linked to people's names above, it would hardly improve things very much!

All that an identity for a forum does is to prove that it is the same person who posted before. It does not give any guarantee about who that person is in the first place.

Some use boat numbers, some use boat names, some use crew names, some use boat names from 3 or 4 boats previously! And any of these only help newcomers if they go along to an Open / Nationals where the people are sailing their own boats.

Enchanted Evening

30/03/2010 16:51:09
.....if you are interested go to the Midland SC website where top 3 and pictures are avaible

30/03/2010 17:59:31
Reports and Promotion
A full report and results set has been sent to the relevant authorities and will be posted on the site as soon as Mags gets a minute to himself...

30/03/2010 20:57:09
Report & Result online at here, enjoy. Shame no piccys.

31/03/2010 10:44:13
See the results are posted and correct on the website. Ross I know it maybe a little pointless given that there is another ST meeting on this weekend but anychance of an update? Purely so my crew can be inspired by the dizzy hights we have reached on the table!!


31/03/2010 12:42:15
Jez, your up to 4th overall, see further below.

A small plea. Can helms sign-in using their full names and also consistently at opens. The results are based on helm names against the membership list.

Can someone please confirm the following first names if possible please:
3666 C Jordan
3240 C Anderson (it's not Charles from Hampton from what I can tell)
3543 A Beardshead
3449 W King

ST top 20 after Midland

Place Score Sail No Helm
1 1011.9 3705 Matt Biggs
2 1057.0 3583 Chris Martin
3 2028.0 3563 Paul Hollis
4 2055.0 3645 Jeremy Deacon
5 3003.9 3684 Andy Davis
6 3004.9 3691 Mike Calvert
7 3005.9 3703 Richard Whitworth
8 3007.9 3702 Duncan Salmon
9 3009.0 3610 Richard Dee
10 3010.0 3655 Richard Adams
11 3010.9 3690 Andy Dalby
12 3012.0 3716 Steve Leney
13 3019.0 3707 Simon Blake
14 3019.0 3676 Pat Blake
15 3021.0 3539 Dan Alsop
16 3021.0 3693 Will Rainey
17 3024.0 3665 Ross Jackson
18 3043.0 3663 Chris Haworth
19 4001.9 3670 Stuart Bithell
20 4002.9 3707 Alex Jackson

31/03/2010 12:59:06
Wahey!!! Thanks Captain.

31/03/2010 12:59:29
Chris Jordon Brightlingsea and Burfield I think!

31/03/2010 13:10:43
Smokin 3496
3543 Andy Beardshaw 3240 Colin Anderson both from Redditch

31/03/2010 14:06:22
Chris Jordan
Brightlingsea SC in the summer and Burghfield SC in the winter!

Sailing: Enchanted Evening 3666.

31/03/2010 14:06:48
And crew is Gill Jordan

31/03/2010 15:40:11
Many thanks ;-))

31/03/2010 19:08:51
Video of master gybing on You tube.
merlin master gybing 100328

31/03/2010 19:51:13

31/03/2010 20:03:57
rich adams
This is for jon!!! We've managed to find your kit and its now safe, if you can manage to come down on saturday mike anslow will be on duty and will let you have it back!!!

31/03/2010 20:16:51
Jon 3566
Rich, that's great. What time do you start on Saturday?

01/04/2010 19:30:35
Mike Anslow
Hi Jon.  Your gear is in the kitchen at the Club.  Racing starts at 1.30 p.m. so there will be someone in the kitchen at that time.  I may not be there, but June Anslow or Heather should be able to help you.  Regards.

Mike Anslow


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