Playtex Moon Walk to raise money for Breast Cancer charity.

04/02/2010 10:45:43
Paul Hollis
At Midnight on the 15th May 2010 Karen(my wife)and I along with 15000 other competitors will be completing the Playtex Moon Walk to raise money for Breast Cancer charity.

For those of you not familiar with this walk it starts in Hyde Park London and follows the route of the London marathon all 26.2 miles!!! And if that is not enough every competitor has to wear a Bra on the outside of their clothes including the men.

Each year there is a theme and this years theme is show time. Which means decorating said Bra and some additional costume items!

I am open to suggestions and help with the costume & decorating of the bra but please remember I do have to walk 26.2 miles in what ever is designed and provided it comes with sponsorship I will be prepared to wear anything.

Currently the event has raised £35,000 online.

Details of my sponsorship website where anyone can pledge their support is at the bootom of this topic. I am looking to raise at least £1000 but would like to get to £1500 and begging emails have already gone out to all family,friends and work colleagues.

For further information please visit

In the meantime our training begins and we are hoping to complete the walk within 8 hours.

Thanking you in anticipation for your support with this challenge

to sponsor go to

Many Thanks

Paul And Karen

04/02/2010 13:10:53
ben hollis
dad dont forget to get pics of you wearing a bra that would be funny lol !!!!gud luck

04/02/2010 18:36:16
Hywel jnr
Rachel and I are walking it as well. See you there its for an amazing cause.

05/02/2010 10:05:42
Richard W
Come on then Ben, show us the colour of your money you don't appear to have donated yet!!! (You can tout round at the Tiger for on the spot donations!)


05/02/2010 10:17:50
Paul Hollis
Ben don't forget the Southport 24 hr photo's you do look sweet in pink!! 
Thank you Richard & Kath for your support.


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