Old black (or white) spinnaker wanted

02/02/2010 10:50:24
Has anyone got an old spinnaker (any size) to get rid of for a small sum? Ideally I want a completely black one, but will settle for all white if I have to.

Doesn't have to be a Merlin spinny, actually.


02/02/2010 11:17:32
Rod & Jo Sceptical

02/02/2010 17:36:42
Andrew M
Thanks Rod, just come up with a use for my old spinnys at the point I will no longer be hoisting them.

OK Mags, what's it for?

Hot air balloon?

Fancy dress for the twins?

02/02/2010 21:05:00
try the chipley shed, jacko always has a black one!

08/02/2010 11:16:58
I want a spinnaker with a massive skull and crossbones on it, so a black one would make this easier. It's not for racing, hence an 'old rules' kite would be fine, if anyone has one lying around.

White would do if black is too rare!


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