Centerboard Required for Adur 7

28/01/2010 16:03:33
Andy Dalby
Hi there, 

Does anyone have a nice condition foil that would fit an old Adur 7?

Please have a look around and call me on 07919 263488 or email [email protected]



28/01/2010 16:25:13
Andy not sure if it will fit but I have a nice board for an nsm2? email me if of interest

28/01/2010 23:31:34
Steve Watson has/had one for sale on the for sale list that might do?

28/01/2010 23:45:51
andy send me some pics, will root through my old stuff,may have some thing for you rgds phil

29/01/2010 13:47:06
Andy Dalby
Roger Wilko!

29/01/2010 17:11:55
I have one. but it's in 2 parts as the glue joint failed.

29/01/2010 17:22:49
Andy Dalby
I might give that one a miss but thanks anyway!

01/02/2010 00:21:45
Fat Pig
I've got some MDF in the shed?


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