Tiger Trophy

26/01/2010 18:50:10
Who's planning to go, and who needs accom?

It books up early (i know i'm leaving it late...) but let me know if you're going and if you're sorted or not - be good to get in the same place, as done previous years...


28/01/2010 13:04:43
Hey Pip, me and Jon are coming up for the tiger. Not sure about accomodation yet, but I only live an hour away so could just go home if I don't get anything sorted. 

Are you going to the posh dinner?


01/02/2010 07:38:11
Nope, not doing the posh dinner. I was planning to try to get some accom in a pub - some of the lads did that a couple of years ago and just chilled out there for the night, it looked more tempting than tottering around in a stupid dress and heels in Feb... although I think you'd look cracking in a pair of stilettos...

01/02/2010 08:30:40
Merlins 1 & 2 in Doubled handed

01/02/2010 11:04:53
Thanks for the complement Pip, but I agree that Stilleto's are more summer wear than Feb

01/02/2010 19:39:06
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Must be a story or some shenanigans going on .... most improved over the winter looks like Dickie Dee, must be a crew change related issue that ... Ollie at the back end and winning the last race?????

Whatever next?

02/02/2010 22:03:01
when did Ollie start helming, is this a sign of things to come?

02/02/2010 22:05:45
ben hollis
i dont know but he sailed really well in the last race well done olly !!!

09/02/2010 11:28:04
Well done to Biggs'y and Ben on a great win at the tiger trophy!! Bas***ds. Keep up the good work, two in a row.

09/02/2010 20:50:50
yes mr hay, you,d be right on that score.remove decrepid 46 yr old 14.5 stone wheezing geezer from front,replace with lithe 21 yr old minus the 4.5stone, instant success!!!
Recommended speed improvement by Mr Dee!!!

10/02/2010 18:19:51
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
And on what fine ship will Mr Dirtyhands be gracing this year?????

10/02/2010 19:37:28
Chris m
The Gipper

10/02/2010 20:43:49
ben hollis
lol yep the gipper wait and see !!!!

10/02/2010 21:16:26
andy,could you ring me old chap ref the nationals 07973 720732 but you may have no already rgds phil


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