Salcombe HWs for Merlin Week

23/01/2010 12:38:31
former whitstable pro
Just received tide tables ;

Sun 11 33
Mon 12 22
Tue 13 22
Wed 14 34
Thu 15 49
Fri 16 57

All BST Tide heights 4.1 to 4.5 m

29/01/2010 14:10:26
I know it is not related, but does anyone know where the proposed new building development of "The Crofts", Shadyconbe, Salcombe is situated in Salcombe?

29/01/2010 14:16:23
I would hazard a guess on or off Shadycombe road.

29/01/2010 15:15:26
29/01/2010 15:15:44
29/01/2010 15:41:59
Thanks for the explanation. My gosh, they want to build above the road that goes to the car and boat park!

29/01/2010 18:22:17
This is a plan to ruin some of the unique values of Salcombe we all love. Please Merlin Salcombe fans join in and voice your opinion. Details are all on the Facebook link above. You can email SHDC with your view. Needn't be protracted, just help us locals with numbers. Look forward to your fleet in salcombe this summer.

29/01/2010 23:30:53
Also see:-

30/01/2010 09:01:56
Keith Callaghan
The Crofts develoment may be an eyesore, but if this is affordable housing for local people who are we grockles to complain?

30/01/2010 11:37:03
Exactly Keith if thats what the locals want and if it stops people going to Salcombe to be ripped off by the self same locals and they become a bigger charge on HMG so be it!

30/01/2010 15:09:15
Keith Callaghan
Well, perhaps we should get back to the original subject: the times of high water at Salcombe on a certain date are much less contentious. And maybe the Forum rules should be amended to disallow anonymous comments.


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