OKs and appoach to a championships

21/01/2010 13:13:03
Some good reading and learning here: http://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/?article=150172

- 10,000 hours to get good in a sport.
- Even in (especially in?) a one-design, the choice of mast and sail is obviously very crucial.
- Don't necessarily use what you are used to, if others are starting to go faster with other gear.
- C-Tech make the best masts.
- Plan your training carefully to reach your peak when you need to: it might include big regattas or it might not, depending on which elements you need to improve on and when.


21/01/2010 14:51:28
Garry R
This is pretty scary when you consider that to become an airline transport pilot the time required is 2150 hours including cross country, nighttime, instruction etc - a mere flash of time compared to sailing.

Now here's a further thought to put you off.

10000 hours for a dinghy sailor represents a total of 5years at 40hours per week without holidays etc so if you calculate what most of us manage sailing wise - perhaps 5-6hours per week ie 10000 hours=2000 weeks/52 = 38.5years. Now I started sailing again at 54years old and if I will reach my best at 54+38= 92years old I should just about be ready for the Olympics in 2044. Hope I can pace myself and not peak too early.

21/01/2010 14:52:23
Garry R
In fact have just realised that I should wait until 2048 when Secret Water will be 100!!

23/01/2010 10:15:10
Garry you've got far and away tooooo much time on your hands!!!





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