Sailing at Brightlingsea

19/01/2010 12:40:48
If you live on the East coast and looking for a club to sail your Merlin at then brightlingsea could be the answer. 
3 new Merlin's will be sailing at the club this year which will make 9 in total if we include Jacko (Summer member).
The fleet was started by Oz about 10 years ago and has grown slowly over the years. We now have a Silver tiller event and fleet dinners!!
Another popular event is Pyefleet Week which is a week before the Nationals, most of us are going to the Nationals but will also be sailing in Pyefleet Week. We have our own start and will finish the class racing on the Friday morning making it possible to get to Penzance for the Saturday.
If you require any detail on any of the above then please contact me on the email link.

19/01/2010 18:35:57
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Craig, can you get those attending the Nationals (and those who are not) to complete their questionaire .... think I have only one from your side of the country .....

20/01/2010 16:23:57
Andy can you email me a copy?

20/01/2010 20:13:08
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Ask and ye shall receive .....


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