Cover measurements

18/01/2010 21:09:01
Hi guys (and girls)

My plastic nsm2 is all wrapped up for the winter and isn't particularly accessable. decided to grab a winter bargain and will be buying a pvc cover (the boat is plastic so i'm not bothered about going for a poly cover).

Rain and sun seem pretty cheap, as do speed at the moment, but has anyone recently ordered a cover for an nsm2? I would like to be able to order "the same size as mr x's" to save any hassle of trying to find someone elses nsm2 to measure.

Can anyone help (not too worried if bought from another provider as 20 quid difference isn't going to break the bank).

Thanks chris

18/01/2010 21:28:31
Chris Martin
PVC is not good, even for plastic boats as it leads to osmosis. Without doubt the best way is to take the boat to the cover maker and get them to measure it! Companies like Speeds or P&B may have measurements on file, but it's important to remember that the measurements varied between the builders. Shroud bases and mast foot positions are not necesserily dictated by the plans!

It may be worth giving the Welsh Harp boat centre a ring as they supplied the boat.

18/01/2010 21:40:44
David Gates
Phil at Rain and Sun is very good. Take the boat to him and he will measure and make a template to fit your boat, If Phil is in your area, he will come an measure your boat. I also agree with the comment regarding the PVC covers, Poly cotton is the best way forward to protect your boat, wood or plastic.

19/01/2010 11:59:26
Hi Chris,

I've got 3387 (NSM2) from Boatcraft - if it helps I've got the measurements as an Excel spreatdsheet. Either email me (link to right) or post an address (is "at" for "@" to reduce spam) and I'll forward you the details.

You may need to check the correct location of the shroud points and the mast (plus hoop style), 'cos I don't think they are quite standard...

I bought my cover from P&B so they should hve these measurements on file.


24/01/2010 11:59:50
Thank you for the comments - useful food for thought.

Colin - email sent.



24/01/2010 22:16:59
Chris 3441
Hi, I also have a measurement form I could forward to you complete with hoop position. Just drop me a mail if required. 

Cheers, Chris.


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