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15/01/2010 16:16:16
Right, I bought a mini pack comprising 205 harder 105 resin and 407 micro fibers and 2*10ml syringes. Problem it did have an instruction leaflet which I appear to have lost! Am just fairing a ding in the hull/transom of a wooden boat in the garage.
Have been on the West Website to try and find ratio of hardener to resin but can't find it anywhere I don't have the mini pumps they refer too. Can anyone help me with the mix ratios?

15/01/2010 17:01:26
Theres a lnk below to a page explaing things about west system.
Personally I'd use 1 syringe to measure out 10cc of resin and the other to measure out 2 cc of hardener. Obviously always use the same syringe for resin etc!pop them in sparate plastic bags for next time.

Wait for as much residue out of the syringe as you can to keep the proportions correct in the mixing conainer (plastic party cups from tesco are cheap) - it helps to keep the raw materials at a nice temperature so it flow more easily.

The link suggests its a 5:1 ratio for and tells you quite alot about using epoxy. If it all goes pear shaped, warm it up and scrape it off!

16/01/2010 00:17:01
or you could ask 'west'or download their instruction book.......


16/01/2010 08:33:53
Chris Martin
Mix is 5:1.

When you've finished clean the syringes out with a strong solvent and they can be re-used. Acetone is ideal, but you should get away with nail varnish remover at a push. White spirit won't touch it.

16/01/2010 08:37:09
Chris Martin
Oh and put the resin on a radiator before you start to warm it through. you don't *need* to do 10:2, but you do need to mix small amounts very carefully as the tolerance is tiny. I do 5:1 mixes all the time.

18/01/2010 09:23:26
I always guesstimate mine!! Seems to work. Make sure you mix the resin and hardner in together well before adding the fibre otherwise it will not set.

18/01/2010 10:10:46
Worked a treat thanks very much everyone


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