Tacktik bracket

14/01/2010 20:23:42
Hi all

I've seen various ways of attaching the digital compass to the boat. With a deck bracket epoxied on to the boat, or a bracket on the post under the deck..
Where does one obtain such things?..or are they custom made, or in the back of a garage somewhere? The current methodology using the velcro strap is a bit pants, and I'd like to change it this season


14/01/2010 21:06:13
Ben 3634
I just screwed the standard tictac (plastic) backing plate to the deck under the foot of the mast. Didn't forget the  sikkaflex. Hasn't moved.Have seen metal tictac bracket screwed in the same position, which neatly allowed the jib purchases to pass through, as well.All Tactic accessories available from the well known chandlers, I'm sure.

15/01/2010 17:28:53
Yes, or direct from Tacktick. There are lots of mounting accessories available, including a permanent mounting onto mast track. See http://www.tacktick.com/page.contact - or they're at the Boat Show if you're quick.


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