Well done Gilbinator!

12/01/2010 09:19:57
Sister #2
Roger didn't seem to get a single mention in any of the reports I read on the i14 worlds. He only finished 2nd (in his first season!). Pretty impressive stuff.  

See link for final scores.

12/01/2010 09:37:40
Yes noticed that. It would seem Roger/Ben almost ruffled the feathers of the percieved form book/author of the reports. Good show and no doubt they will do the business next time, but also imagine Rob will give it more time as they literally just turned up or so I am led to believe. Losing the rudder pin was the turning point for Archie as after that he had a clean run in as he had the fastest package. Not sure if you picked up on it but Archie had dropped the bow on his Beiker 5 and reckoned that it made a difference. Shall be interesting to see what developments/mods occur on the return of the UK fleet and yes what is Glenn/Joe's take on it as they are still in the building stage!

12/01/2010 09:38:06
Well done Roger, obviously the merlin warm up seasons helped no end 


12/01/2010 09:57:40
Is it just 14 footers that benefit from a dropped bow? Or will it also work on 12 footers or 16 footers?
(Imagine: a dropped bow Fireball!)

12/01/2010 10:53:18
Yes, it is called a submarine!


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