Spinnaker Sheet Length

09/01/2010 23:11:22
Richard Battey
Could someone please let me know the standard length of spinnaker sheets.

Thanks in advance


10/01/2010 09:32:45
When you find out, let me know! After the tangential discussions last time, I suggested I would maintain a list on the website, if people would email me what they found out, bit by bit.

10/01/2010 11:12:05
Peter 3112
(2d + b + 1) metres; where d is distance from chute to fairlead outside the shroud and b is the distance across from fairlead to fairlead via the block/eye abaft the centre board case; i.e. about twice the length of the boat plus a bit for luck! That is the scientific calculation. It could also be expressed as the circumference of the boat less approx 1 metre. At the end of the day all designs will be different. What you need is enough to stow the kite completely without leaving a tripwire or a tangle of unnecessary string for the pilot to get his feet caught up in. Latter principle applies to the halyard/recovery line.


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