steve nicholson trophy northampton

06/01/2010 20:25:28
ben hollis
i know its not on the fixture list yet but are there going to be any merlins going to steve nicholson trophy on the 30th of january it was well turned out by merlins last year and would be good to see you all there.

06/01/2010 23:45:27
Don't have anyone to sail with, but I'd like to do it, so if anyone needs a crew let me know

07/01/2010 09:31:51
I think we'll be there, Ben

07/01/2010 11:28:15
And don't forget to do all 4 of the big events this winter to qualify for the big prizes: 
•Bloody Mary, Queen Mary Sailing Club - 9th January 2010
•Steve Nicholson Trophy, Northampton Sailing Club - 30th January 2010
•John Merricks Tiger Trophy, Rutland Sailing Club - 6th/7th February 2010
•Hoo Freezer, Hoo Ness Yacht Club - 28th February 2010

See for more details.

07/01/2010 17:41:25
ben hollis
good good pip cant wait to get started on silver tiller though now lol !!

16/01/2010 17:26:19
Olly Turner
Anyone know the details for the event? Start time, entry etc.?

16/01/2010 17:50:04
Darren 3525
I am planning to go with 3525 all been well.

16/01/2010 21:34:18
the link
18/01/2010 14:09:46
ben hollis
i have emailed northampton and will let you all know soon what time the starts are etc

18/01/2010 21:13:36
Olly Turner
See the P&B poster below:

25/01/2010 22:17:49
By chance I am child-free this weekend and will now be at the Stevie Nicholson (Bosnia's in the B14) so if anyone needs a crew give me a shout!

05/02/2010 13:48:33
I've just been sent a report, but I think there might be an error with first place....hold on....

05/02/2010 16:53:32
No, false alarm. This report is correct. 
Still not sure who wrote it though! Sorry not to credit it yet...
05/02/2010 19:47:18
ben hollis
chris martin wrote the report nice one chris !!!

07/02/2010 14:08:23
Thanks Chris


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