On their travels...

04/01/2010 17:56:00
Delighted to see that GGG and Jude are prepared to travel in 2010!!


We will give Y&Y a subscription with specsavers...

04/01/2010 20:50:40
Bit of a sag in that line! Pity the photo doesnt show the pin...

05/01/2010 21:54:57
Measurement Man
Photographer assured us that he was on the transit of the pin and the mast...  Have to say we didn't believe it at the time!  Many thanks to Dave Winder for the loan of Attack of the Clones - saved an awful lot of towing!

Rigging was a challenge - it is a long time since we have had to dig sunglasses and bottles of suncream out of the ice in the boat!!!

The new clubhouse at Grimwith is stunning - and a significant contrast to the old portacabins arrangement.

Happy New Year to all!


06/01/2010 09:29:49
I can't see any flags on the start boat, so I assume the gun has just gone...in which case you are 2ft behind the line - terrible!


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