Is That a Bird?? Is That a Plane?? No it's Tim Male and Becky Aldred dressed as the Incredibles!!!!

30/12/2009 18:56:55
James 3403
Did anyone from the midlands watch the news and c these 2 people all dressed up and going slowly downhill. lol

Anyone know how they got on??

30/12/2009 19:10:36
Chris M.
Some of us went to see in the flesh - well, lycra anyway!

They were second, beaten by 7 seconds, and B managed to give herself a nosebleed on the way down. Apparantly Tim is no less a taskmaster on land than he is on wheels!

30/12/2009 19:11:33
Photo's or Link please!

30/12/2009 20:50:21
ben hollis
yes i was lucky enough to see in flesh.
it was great fun sure pics will be available at blithfield on sunday.

i felt it was an excellent interview on the tv lol!! hay tim at least you can drive soapbox karts rather than lotus elise's maybe you should take it to work rather than the car lol

joking aside it was a great day tim and b were awesome

30/12/2009 22:40:10
Try this for a link.

31/12/2009 11:15:22
Are these their new sailing outfits for 2010?

02/01/2010 02:18:26
james,believe me they are not slow!tim was that fast he could.nt stop broke his brake cables!the guy who won was doin about 37mph,when your arse is only 4 in off the ground thats pretty quick!
more sailing teams promised for next year.

02/01/2010 10:42:04
ben hollis
dh is right got to have a go next year watch this space !!!!!

02/01/2010 10:58:29
Who is going to produce the Design Guide?

03/01/2010 19:47:26
rumor has it that it be from the cunning biro of a maverick closet draughtsman Mr Steve Leney.


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