Finding lost boats

19/12/2009 18:17:15
I have a challenge, could whoever now owns BeatNik, Flowerchild, or Drop Out, please contact me....  [email protected]

20/12/2009 08:34:20
Robert Harris
You've obviously got a thing about David Child's boats or maybe you are David Child!

20/12/2009 10:41:36
Mike Liggett
Flower Child was for sale on the M/R site earlier this year (?).  However dont know outcome.

20/12/2009 12:15:24
No I am not David, however he rashly said that if one was found for Oulton Week, he may make a comeback in one!!!!

20/12/2009 13:59:25
David Child
No I did not! 
If it hasn't got a keel I'll not sail it these days! I have plans to sail something more sedate at Oulton Week.
Beat Nik was sold to Maurice Cockerill of Tamworth and was I think eventualy scrapped. I do not think any of that original batch of seven Surf Scoters survive.
Flower Child was sold to Mike Webster at UTSC and then through several owners and is I think at Tamesis now.
Drop Out was sold to Nick Hartshorn at Burnham on Crouch who sold her on he cannot remember where!
Non are in the current year book, with an owner, nor is my first Merlin Rocket 1011 rrhubarb.

20/12/2009 14:31:36
Oh yes you did... Extract taken from the CVRDA forum:-

"Pensioners plate? I may have a bus pass but not my pension yet a few years to go.
Anyway I do not sail without lead or iron firmly attached to a fixed keel, (Never really was as keen a dinghy sailor as keel-yotter but I love dinghies to bits non the less.) but if you could find Beat Nik..................! Drop Out or Flower Child......................! For one occasion only a bit like Cliff & The Shadows... I went to their show it was just fantastic not as moving or musically satisying as John Dankworth Cleo Lane and their friends and family were a couple of weeks back, but amazing non the less."

As David has offered a new trophy called the Beat Nik Cup (For CVRDA eligable boats) it would be lovely to see one of his old boats sailing..


20/12/2009 14:42:28
David Child
I plead strong drink!

20/12/2009 15:27:41
Weak excuse, if I can find them.....

21/12/2009 08:49:11
Flowerchild was at Tamesis but I believe is now back at Thames SC.

21/12/2009 12:10:07
I don't believe Flowerchild is at Thames.  We have Wozzo, Satisfactor, Barnabus (scrapped) Water Nymph, Hissing Sid and my Seventh Wave with the occassional guest appearance of the Gurn

21/12/2009 16:34:00
Flowerchild was at Thames, it was owned by Sally Reed's son, so may be at Upper Thames.  Watch this space for an update after I have spoken to Sally.  

Of course the boat could remain 'lost' if strong alcohol is offered ....

21/12/2009 19:49:53
the gurn
there was also one of Davids boats called Schhhh I think - no 1963 I bought it and renamed it Childs Play, in the mistaken belief that I could win the Nationals in my first year in a boat rejectd by DC!!

How quickly I learned

22/12/2009 08:33:06
Chris M
I always wondered what happened to Phantom Rider? Or Ghost Rider itself for that matter.

14/07/2013 00:18:58
Peter Rotherham.
I've just noticed this thread from 2009, and thought you might like a bit more info.

re; "Beat Nik". I'm sailing with Maurice Cockerill now. At 86 he's still competitive, but in a GP 14. He often talks of Beat Nik as the best Merlin he ever had for all round sailing. After much pestering, he sold it to a Club mate in Solihull who stripped it for redecking / painting, etc., Unfortunately, a marital rift saw the boat set alight and lost.
I do have the original Centre Board from it, as the shallow lake at Tamworth required a shortened one.


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