Starcross Steamer 24th Jane 2010

18/12/2009 10:03:23
The steamer SIs etc are up on the SYC web site. Links from the home page...

Looking like a good event this year with B14s, Phantoms and of course you guys in the Merlins...

Question is will Glenn be back to defend the Trophy???
18/12/2009 11:18:20
Jane ? Who mean June

18/12/2009 11:48:07

This, and various other mixed-class events, are in the fixtures list for next year...
18/12/2009 14:41:11
Thanks Mags!


18/12/2009 18:31:46
Dave Lee
Tony, you seem somewhat embarrased about this - I have got to ask which Jane at Starcross you were thinking about????  ;)

20/12/2009 19:37:51
Olly Turner
It's not Glen you've got to watch out for...

22/12/2009 09:37:45
Thanks Dave :-)

Tell all Olly!!!

19/01/2010 09:08:40
Olly Turner

19/01/2010 12:54:37
Dave Lee
Looks like there will be a good turn out from the local fleet, so who else will be there?

19/01/2010 17:48:32
ben hollis
i say they were alot of boats from the midlands comming down should be good fun

20/01/2010 16:52:04
ben hollis
how many merlins will be there do we think need some wind though more importantly !

24/01/2010 19:59:30
Dave Lee
Link to Starcross Steamer results below.  The Merlins were the biggest fleet with 16 starters.  As forecast, the wind was fairly light but just enough for some good racing - phew!  Taxi and Tom Pygall finished 2nd overall with Dickie Dee and Chris Gould also going very well to finish 3rd.  Commiserations to Matt Biggs who suffered gear failure whilst in the lead and then had to retire.  Full report to follow.
24/01/2010 20:19:56
Hi Dave, ow come the Merlin PY's split?

24/01/2010 21:59:23
Dave Lee
Hi Alan

I don't know but will ask the OOD. However, the Steamer is a pursuit race and the Merlins all started on the same gun, so it probably makes no difference.

25/01/2010 09:27:34
Dalby Sister #2
Well done Dicky Dee. Great result!!! Lets have a quick race report then. 

I pootled down to the mighty Island Barn yesterday for a peek and seems like it could be nice Londinium Village racing over the winter. Any more merlins fancy a slice of the action?

25/01/2010 17:03:36
ben hollis
well done dicky dee and congratulations taxi some good sailing

25/01/2010 18:43:59
told him he'd be faster if he sacked me, should have got me achristmas card!!!!!


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