13/12/2009 20:45:44
Measurement Man
The HISC merlin fleet had their inaugural Christmas Dinner on Saturday, and Merlinopoly was a key feature of the event.  There were 12 boats competing; Jude was single handed as was GGGGGG, and were also only using a single die, where the two handed crews had two dice with which to play.  Charlie Everard established an early lead by starting at the port decanter and rolling double six, only to fall foul of a penalty which required him to return to the starting area.  Several crews found favourable shifts and extra pressure, and the last leg was very congested.  In the final count it was Mike Partridge and Claire Davis who scored their first class racing bullet of the season, and also managed not to capsize during the race for the first time, although they did look a bit wobbly going home...

Alot of fun all round.


14/12/2009 09:04:26
Garry R
I assume that you were there with the tape measure to ensure that the whole thing was on a level playing field and not more than A4 in dimensions.  The introduction of a double die is a development of the rules that was (as far as I am aware) not discussed at the AGM having been ousted by trivia such as winged rudders.  Sounds like a good night.

14/12/2009 09:31:10
And then there was the liberal interpretation of th rules as what compromised a missed turn! A fabulous evening!

14/12/2009 10:09:05
Unfortunately my 2 double sixes resulted in being over the line change there then.  
Thanks again all you lovely HISC Merlin peeps for a fab evening x

14/12/2009 13:13:48
Rod 3586
And thanks for the condoms, drank far to much for them to be of any use!!! look forward to next years bash. Merlinopoly was a complete alcholic blur, can you protest for crews spiking the drinks? Great game well done to the originators.

Hope some more Southern Merlins hear of our party fun and games and decide to join the growing Hayling fleet, a warm welcome awaits them at HISC.With more bay sailing promised next year it could be a good place to join with the 2011 Nationals being held there

14/12/2009 21:09:24

But can you get a report of said board game published on
Jacko has managed something similar this year.


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