Champs, Penzance 2010

07/12/2009 21:15:01
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Guys and Gals

Firstly, our thanks to the 27 teams that have forwarded their questionaires, especially those with comments and most especially those from those with older craft. OK, so with a membership of over 500, where are the rest? Stick your questionaire in with the Christmas card ....

Interestingly, we have 17 confirmed entries, some with accommodation already booked so not a bad start .... and it's not even Christmas yet.

07/12/2009 23:04:57
Is there any chance of having a questionaire put on the website to fill in online?

08/12/2009 08:28:32
What questionaire?

08/12/2009 08:54:50
the gurn
will fill in the form soon - cant get appropriate answers to all the questions yet - or maybe I am supposed to give honest answers (I will be there if still alive)

08/12/2009 09:55:52
John - Andy is referring to the champs questionairre which was included in the recent magazine for members.

08/12/2009 11:29:11
Hi mags, don't think I got one in mine. If there is a download or email version would be appreciated.

08/12/2009 19:57:11
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
John, form emailed to yourself & Mags (for reference). Not sure that I want it online as this might open the questions to non-members. Everyone should have got a copy with the latest magazine.

Mags - I will need to chat with you anyway about the Champs ....

08/12/2009 20:54:47

I've been a muppet and lost my mag (just had the whole house recarpeted and had to pretty much move in and out again) any chance you could email me the questionaire as well. I am planning on coming to the champs this year with boat, wife and new baby...should be interesting!

09/12/2009 20:08:46
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Ask and ye shall receive .... sent


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