Christmas Gifts for Sailors

01/12/2009 23:46:06
Us sailors are difficult to buy christmas presents for, so I started to compile a sailors gifts ideas on my web site. (see link below).
I didn't get very far, too many other things to do like selling centre boards for 99p!

So what presents have you got in the past, that you thought were good? Add a comments directly on my article or post it here and I'll add it to the list - I don't mind. Who knows, it might make some ones life easier or you happier!
02/12/2009 10:50:19
I'm sorry to pimp another Y&Y link, but I just happen to be familiar with this page, and remember the items as being quite useful!

Alan, you can always take the seperate shop links from these pages, and add to SailFun.

The other idea would be gift vouchers for chandlers - I know Rooster and Speeds (or was it P&B) have them. Or a hiking bench!
02/12/2009 10:56:52
And don't forget the Merlin Calendars (excuse shameless advert!)

02/12/2009 11:03:39
Father Christmas
Windproof lighter, maybe? (for burning rope ends, not lighting cigarettes!)

02/12/2009 20:49:55
e-mail me the links to you calanders and I'll add the links to my page if you like

09/12/2009 10:56:54
Added the rope lighter, the calanders (with link), gift vouchers.

What else have you been buying for your beloved sailors!

09/12/2009 11:00:37
and of course a link to y&y subscription page

09/12/2009 11:51:20
Richard S
Splicing fids and needles for winter bimbling!

09/12/2009 19:44:24
I don't know about presents for sailors, but if you buy the wife a toilet bag, her old one is great for keeping the main and jib sheets in. Oven gloves are brill. for putting over the end of the boom when travelling.
If you have a daughter you are really in, buy two shower hats and sell the old ones to a Fireball sailor, great for in boat spinny bags, or to think of it a fireball spin. bag


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