Merlin building frames - free to good home!

28/11/2009 08:29:50
Phil Scott
Jon Turners building frames, plank templates, knee templates in fact everything you need to build a Heaven Sent except the wood! Could probably be put back to Canterbury Tales if you wanted. The fastest boats of their generation came of these jigs!

Free to a good home, must go by the end of next week.

28/11/2009 08:30:42
Phil Scott
07973 720 732

28/11/2009 11:24:50
If only I had the space, I would give it a go.......

Who is brave enough I wonder.

28/11/2009 14:22:10
Maybe JT would like them back now he is building Merlins again........or is he?

28/11/2009 17:55:32
thanks for all the interest folks, there going back down to bournemouth!good luck JL

01/12/2009 11:35:35
Andrew M

Has to be a story here, why were the Heaven Sent frames in DirtyHands shed in the first place and what will they be doing in Bournemouth? Will there be a 4th Heaven Sent off the frames or will they be tweaked to produce narrower bow waterlines? Have to declare an interest as the owner of the 1st one off the frames.

04/12/2009 21:23:53
dear doc,my intent was to build a white whale version,sadly this never happened as purple approached me to do all of their RS repair work,there was just not enough hours in the day so they got to reside in the rafters of the boat shed,as we,ve just moved to a larger workshop and burnt a lot of accumulated tat, i was determined that these would not have the same fate!im just glad that they will get used,mr lewis has them now with the option of going to kevin gosling, personally i think this would be great as i believe he cut them out for JT keep your fingers crossed a new boat will ber seen soon!!!rgds D.H.


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