be quick...

23/11/2009 16:58:52
just seen this - bit of a tub, but might be a project for someone!!

23/11/2009 17:25:56
William Harris
The boat number is 2783

23/11/2009 23:16:16
Now been re-listed
24/11/2009 09:32:11
Robert Harris
If the boat number given is correct she was certainly not built in 1990 as stated on eBay. According to the Year Book boat no. 2783 is a Keith Callaghan 'Hexagon' built in 1973 by Bruce Majer of Littleborough. Who is he? Perhaps HLSC members might know.

24/11/2009 09:51:34
Bruce was building Merlins in the 70's and a bit later, generally strong boats.

24/11/2009 11:58:14
Stuart Bates (MR3615)
Bruce is still an active member of Hollingworth, currently the Merlin Class Captain.  He has built a few boats for himself and I'm sure would be happy to discuss any of his previous boats with the owners.

24/11/2009 13:43:55
We've got one of his (3434 - a ROTS) so a contact email or something would be appreciated. 
There's things my perfectionist chippy helm would have done differently but it all seems OK -problems are really from previous owners mis-use and we're still renovating and yet to sail it properly.

24/11/2009 17:04:08
I used to have one of his boats, a smokers 2974 I think it was. It was so well built that it had half an extra plank at the top. I think it must have been very heavy but went well on the river.

24/11/2009 18:54:38
Andrew M
Are you sure it wasn't a phantom kipper with the phantom kipper plank at the top?

25/11/2009 08:34:13
Nope, it was a smokers. I bought it as a wreck from the O'neils at Wembley. I remember towing it back down the motorway and looseing most of the deck on the way! It was in a bad way then.

25/11/2009 14:41:50
Ben Clark
I also have an old Merlin in need of some despirate restoration, Sail number 2962, She's not pretty anymore, but could be again. Free to a good home! shes in Burton, Pembrokeshire on a road trailor

25/11/2009 16:29:41
The design guide says it was the only 'Impulse' built, so it's a little rare

25/11/2009 16:46:09
ok, so here could be a real bargain..

Not realy up to speed with the Solo market, but this appears brand new!
25/11/2009 22:39:30
Ben Clark
She's called impulse, is she worth saving??!!!

26/11/2009 17:09:38
Regards that Solo, beware. I believe there was much discussion on the Solo web-site when it was first being sold as it wasn't measured. It looks good in photos, but it is a rather poor home build.

26/11/2009 17:28:12
and if I have any dulux gloss brilliant white left over................

26/11/2009 17:33:52
Ben, I may be in a minority but surely any Merlin is worth saving!

Being the only one of that design in existence must make it interesting to some people!

I'd start a new thread - this one seems to be cross posted as usual!

Mention 'Merlin' and 'free to a good home' and you're sure to have some interest.

Also put it on the second hand list, but only scrap it as a real last resort!

26/11/2009 17:39:42
Looking at it, I would touch that solo for anything other than the price of a decent second hand main!!

Ben, who built it? I don't have my hand book with me. It is always worth saving these boats unless they are so far gone that it is impossable. As a one off I am sure it is. You might want to post where you are too as if it was just round the corner............

26/11/2009 21:07:09
Yearbook says R. Debenham,  who apparently also built the Northern Light, Velvet Scoter, Broad Scoter, Turbo Scoter, apparently good to windward and in light winds but need care downwind (from the design guide)

27/11/2009 12:18:01
Andrew M
Impulse was a one-off Richard Debenham design.  Along the same lines as Northern Light, Velvet Scoter and Broad Scoter.  Only the 1st was built in any numbers, I had Super Nova 2315 a Northern Light which Barry Mourant had decked from a Richard Debenham shell.  Very good river boat, quick tacking and good in light airs and the only boat I ever won an open meeting in, at Ranelagh.  At Salcombe it was an interesting boat to sail, good to windward but with fine Vee'd bows, rounded midsections and a narrow transom nose-dived as soon as we rounded Blackstone for the first time and carried on doing it all week!  Impulse sounds very similar and would definitely be worth saving for inland sailing.  I'm sure the downwind stability is manageable with a better rudder, larger kite and better technique.  Debenham boats were well built with nice touches like a laminated stiffener running from front of plate-case to sides and I never had any structural issues.

27/11/2009 12:21:06
Andrew M
Ben, what needs doing to the boat?  Are we talking varnish flaking off or rot and delamination?

27/11/2009 18:31:40
Ben Clark
Unfortunatly i forgot about her when i went to college and have since bought another now.  She's been left for about 5 years now and does have a badly 'quick fix' hull repair by myself to the centerboard casing.  She would need a complete strip back.


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