Autumn/Winter Magazine

20/11/2009 12:29:57
Pat Blake
I have heard that the magazines are going in the post today!

20/11/2009 16:48:25
the gurn
fraid I will have to wait Im in Seattle

20/11/2009 23:43:55
Peter Scott

23/11/2009 11:13:22
Just got my magazine and flicked through - looking good!
Three cheers for Pat again!

23/11/2009 13:35:11
Pictures are awesome!!!

23/11/2009 14:11:58
Can't wait to get home and see it!!

23/11/2009 15:24:50
Mrs Tosh
Great, kettle on, feet up, children entertained courtesy of CBeebies :o)

23/11/2009 16:30:37
Robert Harris
Lots of interesting articles even for a retired MR sailor like me and terrific photos. Well done Pat.

23/11/2009 19:48:31
Well seemingly our postman didn’t have room for it in his bag and as a result, it seems to have soaked up most of the rainfall Cheshire. Currently hanging over a radiator! (the magazine that is)

23/11/2009 20:11:29
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Ace mag, although all please note that our telephone number is completely wrong at the back. If you want to discuss the Nationals next year, try 01822 612917 (home) or 07921 491611 (mobile).

The articles on Mr Truswell do not get over what a thoroughly nice chap he is - just don't ask him to rig the spinnaker. Having experienced a LIR (mod) with narrow waterline in all three races at Parkstone, we can confirm that nose diving tendancies are completely cured with more lard at the back. Enchantment would have returned to shore in kit form ...

Now on crash diet to get down to 13 stone (I wish) - not sure whether Business as Usual was the reason for the diet, but certianly gives me a bit of motivation.

Get your survey forms in - we have a meeting with Penzance SC soon, so it will be ace to have a bit of feedback before that.

Come on all of you, come to Penzance in August, swell the attendance and make it a big one .....

24/11/2009 00:12:31
Pat Blake
Sorry Andy - I don't quite know where that number came from!!!
Anyway we are going to email you with the answers to your survey forms if that is OK - that is if we can agree on the answers!

24/11/2009 08:37:28
Excellent mag as usual, only comment about the game in the centre pages. I and many other crews will be upset to see that the crew is blamed for dropping the spin sheet under the bow at the sin drop, we ALL know that if this happens its the helms fault (must have be written by a helm eh?)

24/11/2009 09:49:55
Great read, havent played the game yet though. Well done Pat

24/11/2009 10:10:04
Andrew M
Great magazine to the usual high standard.  Well done Will and Demelza for thinking up the game.  Next issue can we expect Salcombe snakes and ladders?

24/11/2009 12:44:27
Perhaps we can invent an off-the-water version of the game as well:

Leave car keys in DJ at club - go back 4 spaces
Create fantastic fancy dress outfit - take another turn
Destroy bus shelter with land-yacht constructed from trolley - back to start

24/11/2009 16:50:53
Pat Blake
What about my page 5 girls.
Anyone know who they are?

24/11/2009 17:41:14
Keith Callaghan
The 2nd from left is your wife! She must have been about 15 then. Don't know any of the others, though there were precious few young ladies in the class in those days....

24/11/2009 18:26:01
loser from Tamesis Club.
can you publish the magazine on this site? I didn't get one in the post, and I suspect there may be a few others who haven't either, may save a few quid on stamps??

24/11/2009 19:37:40
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
To those quick of the marks, three replies already to my survey form. Good start, so thanks. Hopefully, we will be able to get some more information onto the web in the next couple of weeks, so that we can all get accommodation sorted.


24/11/2009 21:04:34
Is one of them a young Trish Scroggie Patreacle?

24/11/2009 21:15:08
Is one of them a young Trish Scroggie Patreacle?

24/11/2009 22:09:34
Re the Northern Totties.
I with Keith on the 2nd from the left. Next is June Lloyd, who managed to guide Guy Winder around the course and managed to keep him upright most of the time. The bikini is donned by your recent hostess Pat, as its Tass Greenhalgh, who still makes occasional appearances in the front end a Merlin, with me or Bruce Mager, though not in a bikini.
3 down , 1 to go.

24/11/2009 23:25:19
Fantastic mag shame there are only four a year, and I loved the cycling feature too.

25/11/2009 00:39:13
Pat Blake
I am afraid - loser from Tamesis - you have to be member to get the magazine.
It is only £15 for associate members and £25 for boat owners.
Not a lot really considering that you get this website, the magazine and the whole administration of the class affairs - Rules, Silver Tiller, Championships, Inlands, regional circuits, Vintage wing etc, etc, etc all given by volunteers for free!
The details are on this site and if you join it gives us all more 'clout' in the sailing world and you will get some of the old magazines when you join
25/11/2009 08:43:57
Bargin I think. Excellent mag Pat, yet again. Still not finished reading it yet as there is so much interesting stuff in it!!

The lunch ladies are most pleased with GT's comments too, we are glad he enjoyed Cookham so much. It can be fun when it blows!

25/11/2009 09:08:20
loser from tamesis
Dear Pat, I am a member or the MROA, it's just that posty hadn't made it to my door but will glee it was on the mat when I got home. Best mag yet , esp Willy's story about his bicycle adventure, half naked in a steam room with lots of boys, sleeping in the same bed as James, losing 2 stone, giving up the source, chasing a skinny lycra clad girlie up a mountains who he refuses to get beaten by because she was a girlie ( hmmmm), oh and he's quite good at sailing too!!!
nice job.

25/11/2009 09:29:41
Pat Blake
Looser - sorry to suggest you weren’t a member but your post did let me plug the membership bit.
So thank you and I am glad you liked it! I was worried about devoting so much space to Willy’s cycling adventures but it is a good read isn’t it?

25/11/2009 10:04:59
Eye for a Bargain
I've managed to pick up some cheap accommodation for Sacombe Week - shame it clashes with the Merlin event!

25/11/2009 13:09:58
I enjoyed the cycling article, which surprised me a bit as it wasn't about sailing.....but it was well-written, amusing, and about someone we know, so well done to all involved.

The things people do in the name of a hobby/sport....madness...

26/11/2009 17:42:42
Pat Blake
Re the northern totty - Keith and the Watts are right about Jilly (Henderson) being second from the left. The amazon in a bikini is Tass we think too - or could it be her sister Angie?
I am with Roger Taylor and Jilly - they think the girl nearest the boat is Betty Webb?
The dark haired girl we thought might be Helen Molineux but now the consensus seems to agree with the Watts - June Lloyd

27/11/2009 12:51:15
To be fair the cycling article was both interesting and informative particularly to those of us unaware why the Salcombe Week winner was unavailable to attend the prize giving.  In this respect it is very much Merlin sailing related.  ITY

27/11/2009 14:07:44
Yes Andy, it was a good article. We need to see more from this author.


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