Great sailing at Brightlingsea

16/11/2009 06:48:49
The merlins yesterday were joined by Tim Rush and Pete Nicholson (Borrowed Merlin before you ask!) Great sailing with 5 Merlins on the start line, Tim showed us all how to sail a Merlin fast and finished 3rd on handicap behind a B14 and Mirror, the 4 other Merlins finished 4th,5th, 6th and 7th. Over 30 boats were out for the second week running.
Great sailing conditions with a force 2-3 and big sea, typical sailing at Brightlingsea!

16/11/2009 08:14:27
Must have been an east coast thing as we too had a fantstic sail in Whitstable - perfect sunshine and wind. Really really close racing and some amazing planing reaches, not to mention the obligatory pints in the bar afterwards, where the racing became even closer and reaches even better!!

17/11/2009 09:51:12
Great racing through the Broghtingsea chop and we all had a hard time chasing Tim

17/11/2009 16:14:29
Pete Nicholson
A realy good days sailing was had at BSC on sunday in a solid, sunny force 3.  Thanks Tim for steering and thanks alot Oz for the boat loan got me hooked.  Would it be possible to do it again nearer Christmas?  Much beer rewarded for boat loan!  Do you reckon winder does a student disount?

17/11/2009 16:21:44
Hi Pete
On the 13th December we are away, if you can find a good helm you can take the Merlin, everything is in the boat. Maybe you can get it going as fast as Ozzies??

17/11/2009 21:08:14
Pete Nicholson
Hi Craig, thats very kind of you.  Will let you know nearer the date if thats ok.  Thanks.

17/11/2009 22:03:20
No worries Pete we have it sorted, we know where Graig's boat is. Do we get to have a go with Tim’s sails? Oz and ‘M’ will be ok 
Regards AJ

18/11/2009 11:09:51
AJ I tried the Mk 1 main last weekend, and have been loaned the Mk 2 main for a try this weekend. I can ask Tim if you want a try as well!

18/11/2009 13:55:57
Pete Nicholson
Jacko are you doing pyefleet week next year if not yet i will crew for you i the yellow machine.
Sounds like 6 merlins next year at the bsc.
I pesonally reckon by the end of 2010 double figures.

18/11/2009 17:21:38
Keep up, Pete!
There were 7 Merlins entered in this years Pyefleet Week.

I know of quite a number of extras expecting to be there in 2010...

18/11/2009 18:47:03
I might be tempted to come - when is it?

18/11/2009 18:56:35
This was posted earlier this month, would be great to get double figures......

Anyone looking for a weeks sailing may like to join the Merlin fleet at Brightlingsea. Pyefleet Week is from the 8th to the 14th August and the Merlin fleet will have its own start, if you are a family with other boats we have other class starts as well as handicap racing. For those travelling on to the Nationals we are hoping to finish the Merlin racing on the Friday giving you time to travel down to the West country.
Pyefleet week is a family week with entertainment on every evening. Camping is available opp the club house.
This year we had temp in the high 70s and great sea breezes, the weather is always kind to us on the East coast!!


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