Bits for sale on e-bay

15/11/2009 18:07:19
I have listed an ally mast and boom on e-bay, starting at 99p. Maybe with the winds this weekend some one will get a cheap spare.  I also have some jibs and mains that I will list soon, to clear the garage.
15/11/2009 18:07:56
and the boom
15/11/2009 19:21:53
I know some one who wants a new boom with this take a 2503mm foot sail?

15/11/2009 19:49:58
Yes. The black band is marked at around 2430 (boom length), but the boom overall useable lenght (to the outhaul eye) is 2530, so allowing 30mm for the gooseneck (measurement is taken from the aft of the mast - not boom length) would allow a max foot of about 2560. (black band would need to be re-painted of course to 2503 from mast)

16/11/2009 22:29:54
The garage clear out continues. Nice wooden C/board. Starting price 99 p, only 3 days.
16/11/2009 23:39:40
Hi I am interested in the boom do you have a price in mind? and could you get a price on postage to redditch in the midlands.

17/11/2009 08:16:34
Colin, you'd have to arrange the courier. Online I found TNT express to be 11.85 plus vat.

I have no price in mind (hence e-bay), you may get it at the bargain price of 99 p - who knows.

17/11/2009 09:56:13
Due to the relatively high number of questions on the boom, I have added a bit more info to the description.
19/11/2009 16:59:12
:) you do any sailing any more? Did you sell your boats??

19/11/2009 19:20:57
I'm moving house, so clearing some of the stuff taht has accumulated over the years, shame to dump things that might be of use to some one else.

Current fleet =
Solo 3599
Merlin 3580 Chambulls (fastest Mk1 Winder there is)
49er 7something, Mark asked me to crew him once but I was too scared

and of course the Zodiac for as an when we turn up at Salcombe

19/11/2009 19:22:33
I did Sell Who's Pretty Boy and Snakey 'B' ( which seems to be winning the odd race or few at Brightlingsea )as 5 boats is a bit much between 2 active sailors

20/11/2009 09:14:43
Now now Alan, thats the sort of ridiculous thing that wives say!


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