Parkstone Disaster!

10/11/2009 14:11:33
Help!  Nearly 3 weeks after that immense sail, a disaster has been realised which will put Liam's car key saga in the shade!

I came to wear a scarf yesterday, which is particularly long and particularly blue. I couldn't locate it anywhere. A quick rewind over the last 2 weeks confirms in my mind that I left it hanging-up on a peg in the changing rooms in Parkstone. A telephone call to the club has not turned-up an answers, and I would be grateful if any of the locals could help. The biggest problem in all of this is that it's Catherine's school scarf, of which she has extremely fond memories! I'm running out of delaying tactics...

Oxford/pale blue alternate stripes, each around 3"s wide. About 6feet in total length and tassels at either end. A small hole at one end from where it got caught in a zip.

Any help gratefully appreciated. Small reward negotiable!

10/11/2009 16:18:04
Nick S
Will have a look tonight

10/11/2009 18:48:59
Cheers Nick. Fingers' crossed...

11/11/2009 19:10:05
Nick S
Chris, had a look last night but nothing obvious in the club or changing rooms. Sorry!

11/11/2009 19:55:36
Hi Nick - thanks for looking.  Eek!

12/11/2009 13:50:54
3 guesses what Chris would like for Christmas!

12/11/2009 14:14:50
Christmas gifts
If Catherine finds out perhaps two front teeth would be more appropriate!!!

12/11/2009 17:05:22
Mrs Tosh
Knitting needles?

12/11/2009 19:46:55
Have you searched in the boat, turned out the sailing bag and completely emptied the overnight bag from that weekend?????? And cleaned out the car???

12/11/2009 20:16:21
I've got a good set of knitting needles - I'll get right on it!

12/11/2009 21:12:06

12/11/2009 22:17:37
Mrs Tosh
Or I can nip in to Oxford, buy a scarf, rub it in dirt, beer etc and put a hole in it, no worries!


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