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06/11/2009 16:10:20
I hear GT is coming to the fleet with a new design in association with Jo Richards, which is reported to have the same devastating effects that were reaped on the N12 fleet, with this 'Bedtime stories' design, what effect is there likely to be on the 2nd hand market of Winder boats and also the future numbers of new builds, prior to launch?

06/11/2009 16:26:56
Andrew M
I see the silly season has started again.  Jo Richards' Merlins have not done as well over the years as his 12's though they have been just as radical.  The last one was a dog.

06/11/2009 16:45:11
i though GT was off playing 14s?

06/11/2009 16:47:06
hmmm, i did see what i could only be recognised as a highly pimped plastic merlin near the IOW, sail plan looked fairly radical.  How quick it was going couldn't say, but it was shifting.  Probably right though, silly season.

06/11/2009 19:54:46
Andy Hay - 3626 Business as Usual
Nothing doing as far as I know - Glen couldn't even bring is kit with him for the Parkstone Open as he had too much work on the I14 to do. Still Jo was out blasting around with Soph in Willie Warren's ship on the Saturday, so maybe it might be designer driven ....

Besides the N12 hull form would not work as we have now banned winged rudders.

07/11/2009 07:24:35
Nick S
Definitely silly season & possibly libellous!


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