Merlin 2010 Calendars

03/11/2009 17:41:49
Merlin A3 calendars (black or white backgrounds)are now available through my website - see link below.  I am also hoping to have the weekly desk calendars ready soon, although I am having a problem with my supplier.  I will let you know as soon as these are ready!
13/11/2009 11:30:12
I have now heard from my suppliers and the desk calendars for 2010 should be ready for your inspection by the end of next week.  I'll let you know when you can see them on the my web site.  Thanks for waiting patiently.

25/11/2009 23:16:13
Finally!  The desk calendar for 2010 is now live on the web site.  Thanks for your patience...
03/12/2009 16:45:36
Calendar arrived today, Fantastic, looks really good. Thanks. To anyone that has not ordered theirs yet get a move on or you will miss out on a very special high quality Calender.

03/12/2009 18:23:55
Thanks for that!  I'm really glad that you are pleased.

07/12/2009 09:08:12
Pat Blake
We saw the Calendars and desk diary at the weekend - they realy are better than ever.
Well done Melza

07/12/2009 09:11:33
Hi Dimelza

Excuse my ignorance but looked on your website and could not see the price other than postage.

Await reply nwith interest

08/12/2009 17:54:32
Hi Mark

If you click on the cover page of the calendar you are interested in, you will see that the prices come up on the enlargement of the photo. This will also take you through to PayPal for payment. This is the long answer to your short question - the calendars are all £25 each (ie no difference between A3 or desk and the same as last year) with a packing & postage charge of £2.95. Hope this helps.

20/12/2009 10:52:25
wow, i really like it, Good job!!

20/12/2009 16:34:36
Tim Male
Just in case anone was wondering, the cover shot on the A3 calendar is due to a shroud letting go, not driver error! It was a touch windy!


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