Ross needs a crew for next year - any takers?!

26/10/2009 21:50:48
Dangerous Dave Reid
see previous post but I'm not sailing next season. Ross has supposed to have been looking for a crew but he's failed miserably so I thought I'd give him a kick start.... 

He's away over the winter proposing to Kelly in New Zealand/Australia so won't be doing much of the Snowflake (maybe a couple at the end) but is keen to do a fair amount of the Silver Tiller again next year.

He's actually started to get quite good, merely held back by his un-reliable crew (me!), he's only vomitted once this season (must be a record) and tends to pay for pretty much everything (except the chocolate bars, bananas and bacon sarnies) so all in all quite a good deal!

post back on here if you're interested in crewing him next year.



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