CAr Keys in DJ

25/10/2009 18:16:37
Liam (unlucky)
Could people kindy check they have the right DJ.  Mine has a back Merc car key in the pocket and would save me many pennies if you have it.

Just got home on a flat bed truck with the car!

26/10/2009 08:47:09
My lost DJ is a Ciro Citterio and only a black key fob in the righthand outside pocket.

I have a Pierre Cardin. Looks very new as the pockets are still sewn up. However it looks like it may have been dry cleaned as there was a tag on the inside.

07879 658 252

26/10/2009 09:23:51
Glen Truswell

Okay boss, so you've got my jacket and yes in a rush to wear it and party I didn't remove the dry cleaning tags!!

Question to everyone though............I don't actually have Liams jacket, I have a Scott and Taylor with long lapells.

It's in decent nick and must be for someone slim and small cause it doesn't fit me so good?

Please all have a rally around to try and establish who's this is and get Laim his jacket/car keys back. (As he still can't drive his car at present)

Kind regards


07799 844675

26/10/2009 09:59:00
No sympathy
If he was in that sort of a state probably just as well. A new set of keys is only 140 squids easily eaten up with taxi fares.

26/10/2009 09:59:55
Glen, it sounds like you have Georges jacket.

And George has a Next Jacket with gear stick cufflinks in the pocket, can anyone claim that one?

07971 688151

26/10/2009 10:04:44
Thank goodness no one took their trousers off .......

26/10/2009 10:25:55
Pete Horn
Hi Lou,

The Next jacket with gear stick cufflinks is mine - I was looking for those cufflinks for ages the other night, didn't think of looking in the jacket pocket.... Are you going to be at any winter events where we can meet up and I can get it back?

I didn't pick anyone's jacket up. Think I couldn't find mine, so wandered out without one figuring it'll turn up..... It's all very hazy....

Thanks, Pete

26/10/2009 11:06:04
My my my

So Liam has Glen's
Glen has Georges'
George has Pete's

Who has Liams's though....

26/10/2009 12:37:31
Panic over.

Jacket has been returned to the yacht club.

No sympathy - There was never an intention of driving the car. Soph's sleeping bag was in the boot and she had asked me to big my key to the dinner. Any reason why you can't post under your own name?

Thank you to everyone else for your help.

26/10/2009 17:20:40
This sounds like it was an incredibly good piss up! Congratulations Liam on return of the key. Congratulations Ellie and Taxi.

26/10/2009 21:29:55
Kath Ayres
That's the funniest thing that I've read for ages on the Merlin website, absolute scream. And great that there was a happy ending all round.

26/10/2009 22:49:28
Did the girls lose their kit as well?

27/10/2009 15:32:38
ha ha ha, this is amazing!! I nearly left my shoe in the electric gate, but that's another story...

27/10/2009 18:23:40
ben hollis
shoe in the electric gate tell me more lol!!!!!!!

27/10/2009 19:26:10
Let me guess....were you scaling the electric gate by chance?!

27/10/2009 20:41:21
Hmmm yes, yes I was. At the same time as it was electronically opened from the inside, perfect! Thankfully Si was there to stop the gate else I'd have had a very flat foot! I wonder if the Parkstone injuries will continue...

27/10/2009 22:00:36
ben hollis
that could of been very painful well done si lol

28/10/2009 18:03:30
My left hand is a bit hurty still...


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