help please

21/10/2009 20:45:05
we are about to revarnish our nms 4 deck and not sure what varnish is the best : we do not have a great deal of time to mess about with the different type of hardners so is there any quick but effective way of doing this

21/10/2009 21:26:16
The type of boat is immaterial. In this respect if not in others all boats with wooden decks are the same. So it's just a matter of talking to your chandler who may or may not be able to advise, or going on line and looking at various manufacturers technical data!

21/10/2009 21:54:00
Graham D
If time is of the essence i would use International Goldspar, 3 coats possible in a day coating when the prefious coat is still tacky, use a roller and Jenny brush

22/10/2009 07:13:07
Chris Martin
I'm not sure i'd put 3 coats wet on tacky.

Personally i'd use two pack, the new perfection plus from international is an excellent product and an easy 2:1 mix.

There is no quick way at this time of year unless you heat the workshop.


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