****Looking For Silver Tiller Dinner Ticket***

20/10/2009 20:55:44
Martin Weatherstone
Hi Peeps,

Have emailed a few peeps with tickets that cant make the evening but havent heard back yet, if you know of any one... i would be grateful.

Many thanks


20/10/2009 21:54:45
ben hollis
sorry didnt answer u mate ill try and ask around

21/10/2009 08:58:58
Measurement Man
Call me 07837 239958.


22/10/2009 19:50:14
martin weatherstone
all sorted now, thanks for your help guys...

22/10/2009 21:10:39
Ally Tyler
If there is a change to the original ticket-holder please let me know as soon as possible.  We're busy working on table plans and place settings and need to know exactly who is coming please.

22/10/2009 21:13:54
Measurement Man
Hi Ally,

Martin is having Jeremy's ticket.

Loking forward to seeing you all.



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