Silver Tiller

18/10/2009 19:45:56
Pat Blake
I have just been looking at the ST results and it seems to me that it is VERY exciting,
By my calculations going into the last event (at Parkstone next Saturday) it seems to me there are 5 teams that can win!!!

Matt and Rob are leading but have to count 2.9 points – their best sea event at Lymington. So they need to win to stop the others and to marginally improve their points if the entry is big.

Glen and Olly - only 0.1 behind - have to count their best restricted, Cookham 1.9, so if they won and the entry is big, which it will be, they will win! I know they have sold their boat but are they going to be out for this other big win of the season?

Taxi and Ellie are just 3rd but they would also win if they win at Parkstone

Mike and Deepy can win too if they win - but they would need a big entry

Richard and Sally are 5th but counting their best open event 4.9 points at Rutland. I think they have only 5.4 points without that - so even a second place at Parkstone with a good entry would be enough to give them the trophy

Am I right? If so has there ever been a closer finish?

19/10/2009 10:32:16
Thats pretty much how I worked it out too. 

So what are the odds then? Looks to me that even though Richard is in the worst position at the moment he has the least to do so my money is on him. However Glen and Olley and Mike and Deepy do tend to go well in these waters. Matt and Rob suprised themselves with how well they went in the windy conditions at Blithfield so if they keep that up...... As for Taxi and Ellie they seem to go well just about everywhere!!

If I had to choose my money would be on Richard and Sally, but I would not be too Confident of getting it back.

On this occasion I think I will give the betting a miss as there is no telling which way it is going to go!! As Pat said, How Exciting!!!!!

19/10/2009 16:58:59
forecast looks good  decent wind  woof woof

19/10/2009 23:02:37
Pat Blake
Well it is a tight one to call I must admit - I have to agree Jeremy, Richard and Sally are definitely in with a good shout, but basically there are some awesome yachters head to head for a big reward in Poole Harbour on Saturday.
I am sailing with my daughter again - return of the A team - but I fear even a first might not get us the Grand Slam!

20/10/2009 00:13:44
Jilly Dalby
I'll put a monkey on the Blake A team nabbing the ST!

21/10/2009 00:06:50

24/10/2009 22:06:31
Taxi and Ellie have taken the silver tiller after a brilliant Parkstone win, well done to them !!

26/10/2009 10:05:52
Pat Blake
What an awesome climax to the series that was. VERY windy!

Richard ans Sally took the first race in style - With John Gorring and Pete Horne their main rivals
Then they capsized on the first beat of the second race!! - leaving Mike Calvert and Deepy to win with Taxi and Ellie second
So - all to play for on the last race and the three main contenders were all together at the leeward mark when team Whitworth rolled in again! So now there were two
Team Taxi just pipped Mike and Deepy - so they won on tie break

Fantastic sailing all round

26/10/2009 10:08:24
shaka zulu
well done Taxi and Ellie

Midlanders Rule or what?

26/10/2009 11:00:59
Final ST standings just sent to Mags for posting.

Cheers, Ross


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