Merlin Week 2010

13/10/2009 21:03:43
Have I missed something or do the entry forms come out around now? Coast & Country are after my money already.

14/10/2009 14:03:29
I have just book our cottage. Got a really nice one in a great location. Just need to get an entry now. Sad as it may sound I am already looking forward to it!!

14/10/2009 20:03:55
Coast and Country Cottages have their 2010 brochure and revised website details out already. They had a fantastic season this year due to the "Staycation" factor and anticipate a busy season in 2010. The best properties get booked early - Salcombe remains very popular amongst the up market bucket and spade brigade as well as Merlin owners. Time to commit!

15/10/2009 10:06:54
I don't understand this staycation=cheaper idea. My last Salcombe was twice the cost of a holiday in Greece the year before. Cottages on the IOW are just as extortionate. And don't even look at the CentreParcs prices!

15/10/2009 11:07:44
Richard Battey
I believe the true definition of a "staycation" is actually to stay at HOME! Not spend £600+/pw on renting a house in Devon! Otherwise kind of defeats the meaning of the word!

15/10/2009 12:56:10
Salcombe Fan
2010 might be a bit cheaper as the dates are earlier - depends what Coast and Country class as low/mid season.  Looking at the web, some of the houses double in price two or three weeks after as they go into the high season bracket.  Yes, I agree that there are some parts of it that are expensive.  However, it is a lovely holiday location as well as a good sailing location - what could be better than combining the two?

15/10/2009 13:36:45
Ah yes, Richard you are correct. Never mind the word staycation then, just let me rant about the price of hiring cottages in England in general.

Still love Salcombe though, can't wait to be day...(sniff)

15/10/2009 13:41:24
After many years of Salcombe sailing I have decided that my arthritic knee is not up to it any more and have just this morning informed Coast and Country Cottages that I will not be taking up my provisional booking on 2, Devon Court. This is in a good location, has a garage, Sleeps 4 and is not overly expensive by Salcombe standards.

15/10/2009 18:08:45
Salcombe remains the best seaside holiday venue in the UK. No chavs,unique setting, fabulous scenery, fantastic sailing. Expensive property prices and high demand dictate holiday rental values. A house renting for 8 at £695 per week - means just over £12 per person per night, hardly mega bucks! Losing 20% plus VAT to the letting agent, plus £75 for cleaning and linen takes the gloss off the rent for an owner, let alone wear and tear etc etc.

16/10/2009 09:13:27
Having rented in Salcombe for years, I have always been of the opinion that rental costs are a bargain when compared with home ownership!  Merlin Week is still cheaper than the August weeks in most cases.


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