Another Crew available - Parkstone Open

13/10/2009 20:23:05
Anthony Lofts (for Francesca Lofts)
Hello All!

In a bizarre turn of events, my sister has asked me to pimp her out (as a crew) to the highest bidder* at the upcoming Parkstone Open.

Any offers/knowers of crew requirers please reply here or email her.


*NB, A high bid would be along the lines of 'Yes, I would like Fran to sail with me', that'll pretty much secure her.

14/10/2009 08:53:05
Lower bids can secure my services for the day!!!! 

I'm still looking for a helm, so please do get in touch if Fran is just too good for you...

19/10/2009 21:43:12
I'm still looking for a helm! Surely someone is desperate enough...?

21/10/2009 20:30:14
Someone is - hurrah!
It's someone good - help!

21/10/2009 21:41:29
Richard Battey
Go on Mags....who is it?

22/10/2009 11:52:15
Nick S
Looking breezy for the weekend. Should be entertaining!

22/10/2009 12:05:38
The very words I didn't want to hear! Not feeling very fit after failing to exercise for 9 months...

22/10/2009 14:06:17
Andy D
It does look rather breezy. Is there a reliable forecast you guys use down there Nick? 


22/10/2009 14:29:21
Windguru is predicting 14 knots WSW.
See half-way down this page. (Gosh, what clever programmer wrote that then?)
22/10/2009 15:32:37
Sounds a great forecast to me, full on.

However not the ideal return to sailing after a hernia repair so I won't be there, may well go for Hampton on Sunday though as the beats tend to be a bit less challenging for perching. Enjoy though everyone!

22/10/2009 21:17:09
Nick S
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