Corrections to Exe and Starcross ST results

09/10/2009 11:04:33
Please be aware a few errors were found in the way the Exe and Starcross open results had been calculated. These have been checked by a few people, who confirmed correction was required.

Below is a list of the changes. Sorry to any who have been adversely effected.


Dave Winder, 5th and 3rd, 8pts, moves from 2nd to 3rd (Dave drops 1pt in ST overall)
Matt Biggs, 3rd and 5th, 8pts, moves from 3rd to 4th (no change to Matt's ST overall, since this open not being counted)
Taxi, 1st and 7th, 8pts, moves from 4th to 2nd (Taxi gains 2pts in ST overall)
Dave Lee, 14th and 10th, 24pts, moves from 11th to 12th
Mark Waterhouse, 9th and 15th, 24pts, moves from 12th to 11th


Ross, 6th and 6th, 12pts, moves from 8th to 9th
Rich Adams, 5th and 7th, 12pts, moves from 9th to 8th
Richard Dee, 12th and 7th, 19pts, moves from 11th to 12th
Will Rainey, 13th and 6th, 19pts, moves from 12th to 11th
Dave Lee, 11th and 9th, 20pts, moves from 13th to 14th (losing out again, sorry!!)
Nick Turner, 8th and 12th, 20pts, moves from 14th to 13th

These updated results for these opens have been posted by Mags on under the Reports section.

Also note the latest overall ST takes into account corrected scores.

09/10/2009 16:23:33
Exe results

09/10/2009 16:23:40
Exe results
09/10/2009 16:23:50
Starcross results
09/10/2009 16:24:23
Silver Tiller positions updated after Hollingworth, and taking into account the changes Ross mentioned.


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