Redditch Open

03/10/2009 19:38:23
There are just two weeks till the Redditch Open part of the Midland Circuit and the last chance to get your fourth qualifying event completed to qualify for the bespoke item of clothing.

Two races before lunch and one after first start at 11:00 am. Tea coffee and breakfast rolls on arrival hot lunch and no doubt some tea and cake to finish.

Please contact Martin Smith 3496 or James "Daisy" Dawes 3403 for further info.

We have recently increased our home fleet to 5 regular sailors comprising NSM1, NSM4, Gnome and Modified Tales designs (all wooden boats) and would love to beat last years turn out of 13 boats so why not come along and sample the Redditch Puddle and it's interesting winds.

04/10/2009 17:33:26
Shaka Zulu
Sadly, the defending boat cant be there as I am on a training course.
However, I wish you well, and lots of visitors.

Ben Hollis has the cup.


04/10/2009 19:27:39
That's a shame Steve, is Midland S.C. sending any other boats?

I have attached my e-mail as a contact or 07799334255 for any one wanting info as the RSC web site is currently off line.

05/10/2009 12:08:02
Paul Hollis
if mast can be begged or borrowed will be there.

hollingworth on saturday 1 super spar carbon 0

05/10/2009 15:15:14
Mike Anslow
I should be there.

07/10/2009 17:36:39
ben hollis
ill be there in some shape or form with or without a boat lol and the cup of course

09/10/2009 11:07:26
Mark Homer
Ben (Hollis) please call me urgent - many thanks in anticipation 
Mark Homer 07976 229665

09/10/2009 16:22:06
Paul Hollis
borrowed stick to hang the sails off so will be there.

09/10/2009 16:49:17
Well done! just make sure you do not kill it at Blithfield.

11/10/2009 22:43:28
Were up next and our showers are also hot and the cake is the equal of any clubs!

We look forward to welcoming friends new and old, remember this is the last chance to get your fourth Midland circuit result,
See you next weekend.

13/10/2009 19:43:46
Anyone from Earlswood or Banbury coming along?

13/10/2009 20:36:50
Just us from Earlswood Martin

16/10/2009 12:19:28
Updated Midland Circuit results after Blithfield can be found via the link below.  17 helms qualified so far and it could be 18 after Saturday.
18/10/2009 19:11:48
Congrats to the winners and many thanks to all who visited.

Matt Biggs Blithfield SC 3705 1st
Steve Leney Blithfield SC 3639 2nd
Paul Hollis Midland SC 3563 3rd
“Daisy” Dawes Redditch SC 3403 4th
Ben Hollis Midland SC 3583 5th
Tim Male Blithfield SC 3339 6th
John Wood Earlswood SC 3566 7th
Andy Beardshaw Redditch SC 3374 8th
Mike Coles Midland SC 3530 9th
Martin Smith Redditch SC 3496 10th
Colin Anderson Redditch SC 3240 11th
Andrew Raftry Redditch SC 3190 12th
Gwilym Jones Redditch SC 3402 13th


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