Summer Wine

27/09/2009 22:21:20
light weight
Hi all, I'm new to the class and wondered if anyone could be kind enough to offer some advice...

I'm looking for a boat around the 1,000 mark to sail with the other half. We have an all up weight of approx 20 stone. I've been looking at a Summer Wine but we sail on a relatively small shifty pond; whats the Summer Wine like at tacking and in lighter winds? Would I be better off with some thing like a Phantom Kipper etc??

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

28/09/2009 07:21:08
Robert Harris
Have a look at 'Blitz' no. 3239, she's a 'Summer Wine' built by Rowsell and is on the for sale list. She's at Cookham Reach S. C and is being sold by Rupert Woodhead of that club. I might have been interested but I'm too heavy for a S. W.

28/09/2009 07:45:28
Robert Harris
P.S. 'Blitz' on the list for £1,000

28/09/2009 08:32:56
Ancient Geek
Does this mean you are again thinking of a return to Dinghy Sailing?

28/09/2009 23:17:52
I'd say go for the Summer Wine, its much more "modern" than the kipper. I had one and think it was probably Phil's best design. You have three good ones in the for sale list.

04/10/2009 19:45:39
light weight
bit the bullet and bought a summer wine - what a lovely boat, fantastic sail today!

Could anyone give me a starting point for the rake and rig tension (hog stepped ali mast)? About 6 inches of rake at boom height is what I've read else where, is this relevant for a hog stepped mast or did they tend to be rigged more upright?

Rig tension wise, I assume its keep the leeward shroud just tight??

04/10/2009 20:25:19
Chris Martin
Usec to be 8 to 10 inches if i remember rightly. Which boat have you bought?

05/10/2009 07:30:15
Robert Harris
Hi Lightweight. Congratulations on finding your dreamboat, the next step is to join the Merlin Rocket Association. You can get an idea of what it's all about if you read the other pages on this website.


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