Parkstone Silver tiller dinner event crew available

21/09/2009 16:22:25
Joanna Marlow
Hi all,

I would like to go to the silver tiller dinner dance and intend to come along anyway but as I'm going to go down there it would be nice to sail if anyone needs a crew.
please email me if your interested.


[email protected]

23/09/2009 09:14:08
Me too! Take your pick!

05/10/2009 22:02:15
I'm still available if anyone needs a crew that hasnt sailed all year...

08/10/2009 11:26:55
Hmmm, perhaps I am not selling myself very well?!
I haven't forgotton how to sail, just haven't been able to get out for a while!

11 stone weakling, fairly fast on his feet, can play a kite nicely, but lacking in expert tactical knowledge. Looking for a crewing spot in order to build up a good appetite for the dinner.
08/10/2009 13:17:53
I can highly recommend Mags as a keen crew. He nearly sailed for me at Thorpe once, but I chickened out after the second boat broke it's has in the rollers up the shingle beach. But Mags was keen to go. But I wasn't!

If I wasn't mired in the process of moving house, I'd snap up the opportunity.

08/10/2009 13:18:12
has = mast ?

08/10/2009 15:09:43
See how keen I am? What a ringing endoresement, thanks Alan. 

Just don't ask Ross or Liam how good I am...


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