Silver Tiller Dinner Dance 2009

07/09/2009 22:57:05
Ally Tyler
Once again the Parkstone Merlins are really looking forward to seeing you all for our Open Meeting and of course the Silver Tiller Dinner Dance on Saturday October 24th.
Check out the link for all the details and get your food choices and cheques in as soon as possible.
We've got a fab band coming down from London, so time to dust off those DJs and party frocks.
08/09/2009 09:43:42
Trish Scroggie
Am eagerly awaiting the deluge of post with your bookings.........and don't forget to add your names of those who are coming. Looking forward to a great night.

08/09/2009 23:05:17
David W
Back to the top!

09/09/2009 09:31:52
Trish Scroggie
What? No bookings received today?

09/09/2009 12:43:55
Andy Hay
Just getting the piece of paper in the post, Trish. Cheque written, etc.

09/09/2009 16:14:51
Hmm, I could attend...but it would be good to have a crewing job for the day too....?

13/09/2009 21:45:06
Ally Tyler
Thank you to all who have booked and paid for Dinner Dance tickets so far.  If you plan to come, it would really help if you could please book as soon as you can.
Only 41 days to go....

14/09/2009 08:39:20
Measurement Man
Jude & GGGGGG cheque went in the post Sat.


15/09/2009 06:45:02
Trish Scroggie
Mags...will see what we can do to find you a crewing job.
Well done Jude & GGGGGG.
For those of you who may be new to the class.... All are welcome to come to the Dinner don't have to have taken part in the Silver Tiller Series.

15/09/2009 12:05:23
Cheers for that!

I accidentally blanked the list recently, but its back now.
15/09/2009 23:16:05
David W
The days passing by - still looks like there will be room for plenty  more of you in the clubhouse!

18/09/2009 11:08:07
Ally Tyler
Only 36 days to go......

21/09/2009 10:18:48
Right, I'm coming along....who needs a weak and useless crew for the day?

23/09/2009 17:59:13
Trish Scroggie
Bookings streaming in...... looking forward to seeing you all, some notable names stii missing......hope to hear from you soon.

28/09/2009 15:12:55
Trish Scroggie
98 diners coming as of today, absolute capacity is 110 so if you are intending to come send your bookings in asap. Looking forward to seeing you all.

28/09/2009 17:51:21
Measurement Man
Does Steve Leney have a twin brother who just happens to be married to Gill's twin sister, or is there a data entry error on the list of diners?  Two Steves; hmm scary...


28/09/2009 19:08:50
Nick S
It's good to see all 3 Richard Whitworth's are attending also...

29/09/2009 08:41:18
Measurement Man
That'll be the top three places in the ST filled then...

01/10/2009 13:11:33
Measurement Man

Could you please save a ticket for Jeremy, I'll post £5 tonight.



01/10/2009 17:14:15
Measurement Man
or even £25....

04/10/2009 07:57:40
Any spaces left now?

05/10/2009 22:42:26
Ally Tyler
Only 19 days to go!

A big thank you to those who have: signed up, sent booking forms with food choices and paid.
To those who have signed up, but not yet confirmed food choices or paid, please can you do so as soon as possible? We are now holding places for you and with such a good turnout this could mean turning other people away. We're waiting for:

John Bell
Phil Dalby/Liz Page
Richard Adams and his girlfriend
Tim and Ben Harridge
Ellie Bremer

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all on the night. There are a few places left, get in quick.

06/10/2009 20:07:03
Trish Scroggie
Thanks Tim & Ben Harridge cheque & menu received. Looking forward to seeing you.
We have 4 cancellations so if you would like to come let us know asap.

17/10/2009 22:38:39
Ally Tyler
7 days to go!

No more bookings please, we're full to bursting.

Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend for some great sailing and a big party afterwards. For anyone is is up to it, don't forget the Sunday morning race.
19/10/2009 09:03:40
Measurement Man
We have a spare ticket for sale - Jeremy has had a better offer so will be in Weymouth!

First with the cash secures....



20/10/2009 12:42:21
Due to work and sailing commitments Celia and I can't make it.  So we have two tickets up for grabs.  I haven't spoken to Trish yet but you might be committed to our food choice - one non meat and one meat eater.  If you are interested email me and I will remember what was chosen.

Dave Charlton

20/10/2009 17:55:22
Martin Weatherstone
Hi Peeps, **** Dinner Ticket Needed*****

Im in need of one ticket to the dinner my mobile is 07796613585....

Many Thanks


20/10/2009 18:07:27
ben hollis
martin i think there are some available from previous posts might be worth a phone call

20/10/2009 18:59:43
Martin Weatherstone
Hiya Ben, dont know there phone number??

20/10/2009 19:01:41
Or even an e-mail since there are live links to the advertisers!

20/10/2009 19:03:08
Martin Weatherstone
One step a head of you..... already done just waiting reply?

21/10/2009 12:08:53
Trish Scroggie
These 3 tickets offered for Jeremy and the Charltons (sorry you can't make it) are the ONLY ones available for the Dinner, and you will have to have their menu options as the orders for food have gone in.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.

25/10/2009 19:28:43
big thanks to Ally and Trish and the  Parkstone team for a great Dinner dance and event, was a great turnout and great fun  woof woof

25/10/2009 20:11:33
Yes, many thanks to everyone who worked hard to feed and entertain us all. Cheers!

29/10/2009 22:11:57
Ben 3634
WHAT a party !...

30/10/2009 12:53:20
Chris m
Must have been good if you're only just capable of posting?

20/05/2010 17:19:12
If you're planning on some new clobber for the next dinner, I think these dress shirts look rather fun. All looks normal until you take your jacket off!

Of course, taking off jackets was a bad mistake last time for some...
21/05/2010 07:44:50
Robert Harris
Mmmm. Think I'll stick with M & S!

21/05/2010 08:28:45
Shopping at P & S
I can think of better ways of spending £100 to look like a plonker!!


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