Shustoke Open and Midland Circuit Results

26/08/2009 18:45:24
The Midland Circuit results are now up for all to see - thanks Mags and DaveF.

Seven boats have already qualified for the Midland Series led by Mike Ainslow in Autumn Gold closely pursued by the Leney’s in Carbonator and Dickie Dee in Needlemakers. Eight boats need one further result and six boats need another two to qualify. With three further Midland events to come (Shustoke 6th September; Blithfield 11th October and Redditch 17th October), we could see more than 20 qualifying in the series.

Remember to qualify, you need points from four or more events with at least one of these being a non- Silver Tiller event eg Shustoke or Redditch. A total of 44 helms have taken part in one or more of the Series events so far and even those with only one result can still qualify for the Series by attending the remaining three events.

First of the autumn events is at Shustoke on 6th September - hope to see you there.

30/08/2009 22:17:10
And for those who cannot find the results, follow the link below.
03/09/2009 10:46:15
If you dont want to take the toll road  wots the turn of on the normal M6 northbound

22/10/2009 15:35:25
Dave F
If your after Midland SC
M6 J6 -A38 -A5127 aprox .5 mile
Take ramp onto ring road A4540
follow ring road for aprox 3 miles
Turn right (roundabout)onto B4128 .2 miles
res on left.

31/10/2009 22:13:02
Final results here
01/11/2009 18:06:11
17 qualifiers is excellent.

well done to Richard Turner for his organisation work.

02/11/2009 08:50:49
Do you have to be a midlander to qualify?

02/11/2009 09:10:16
Nope, you just got to turn up!
Rules here...
02/11/2009 10:43:46
Anyone can play: either your club has to pay £10 (covers all club members) or an individual has to pay £7.

And for next year: the earlier Winder Mark 1 Canterbury Tales will be eligible for the Prime of Life trophy - and there are a couple of boats elligible on the for sale list at the moment!

02/11/2009 21:15:05
I need to update the Midland page to reflect the fact that the MROA committee decided to provide fnds for the regional circuits and hence you no longer need to pay an entry fee, just live or sail within 50 miles of Brum.

03/11/2009 09:34:37
RE:>>just live or sail within 50 miles of Brum.

So it is not a case of "anyone can play"....
At one time, 50 miles towing a boat was a good two hour drive.
Now, two hours means you can travel (M5, M1, M40, M42 etc) around 120 miles.

18/11/2009 23:02:16
Bitter and Twisted River Sailor
Anyone can play - Silver Tiller
Live/ sail within 50 miles of Midland SC - Midland Circuit
Sail on the Thames - Silver Tiller
Sail on another river - Regional circuit only


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