Lymington open meeting

25/08/2009 18:57:46
A word of warning about the Lymington open. I have just been trying to find some accommodation for the Saturday of the Lymington open with absolutely zero success. The reason appears to be that as well as hosting the Merlins and other classes in their Autumn dinghy open, Royal Lymington is hosting the Melges nationals, Lymington Town is hosting a 29er and 49er open, and Beaulieu is holding "International Autojumble" the largest outdoor sale of motoring items in Europe, with over 2000 stands. I am told that there is nothing available in the New Forest area!! Apols for being the prophet of doom but this all looka a bit tricky.

Oh and PS - it is also the Southampton Boat Show...

25/08/2009 19:24:39
Does anyone know if it's possible to camp at the club?

25/08/2009 20:12:20
Richard Battey
Hasn't Barry Dunning got a B&B down that way? Sure there is a posting on this web foum somewhere.

25/08/2009 20:14:05
Richard Battey
back again. here you go

Call 01590 622095 E.mail: [email protected]
25/08/2009 21:31:33
Hotel Mondeo then I guess.

25/08/2009 22:50:31
Bit further out but there are a few places in Lyndhurst that should be able to fit you in.  In Lyndhurst try, The Penny Farthing B & B, the Fox and Hounds Pub, the Stag Hotel and the Crown hotel, plus a few B & B's -  it is about 20mins from Lymington though.
26/08/2009 07:38:33
Really joined up thinking for fixtures!
Just think of the traffic too, bad enough at any time!
Try New Milton, Christchurch & Bournemouth.

27/08/2009 16:40:43
Mrs Tosh
Kelly, I just called the club, there is no camping there but may be in Brockenhurst a few miles away, she knows the people and will call me back, i'll let you know.x

27/08/2009 16:49:23
Mr C. Osy
You'll all be pleased to know I've got accoms all sorted in a posh chums house. 

If no-one else turns up do we win the "Lymington Accomodation Silverware" by default?

27/08/2009 18:02:17
The nearest campsite which we used for a Lark open, is going out towards Pennington then towards Lower Pennington following brown signs. It was big and only a couple of miles from the club and just on shore from the racing area between Hurst Castle and the river.

27/08/2009 18:02:46
Kelly (How do you post hyperlinks on this site?)

Several pony-infested sites in the forest near Brockenhurst but beware - several of them don't book less than three nights over the phone. I think that most of the sites have got showers now, which they didn't have a couple of years ago. Nice bistro in Brockenhurst - Brookley's - if you can force Ross's hand into his pocket!

27/08/2009 19:47:56
a thing to be4 aware ofa  is the Lymington Parking wardens make the Stasi seem kind! The Car park in front of th RLYC is ticket job, go a second over... well you know! same all over the town,

27/08/2009 20:04:35
Dave Lee
I've just been informed that the Melges have cancelled their Nationals, so there should at least be plenty of room at the bar :)

More details and notice of race here -
27/08/2009 22:13:24
Please note that Saturday's start will not be before 12 noon and Sunday's not before 10. Also Dave Lee had the sense to book the weekend on neap tides, we sail out and back in with the tide under us each day, doesn't get better than that!

28/08/2009 12:54:36
Mr C. Ardboardbox
Don't want to be defeatist, but 15 enquiries today as far away as Ringwood have produced absolutely nowt ... the shortage is attributed to the Beaulieu Autojumble.

28/08/2009 15:04:38
Please do not forget to allow a great deal of time whichever route you take to Lymington, just too many people, too many cars, worth it when you get there though!

28/08/2009 17:18:07
Barry Dunning
We are fully booked for that weekend but come down anyway as the sailing is great and the beer is better. New Forest tourist board should be able to help. Avoid Lyndhurst if you can and come via Beaulieu. Nicer scenery and less hold ups.

28/08/2009 19:44:49
But Barry one of the major events is in Buleau see previous posts. Sadly it will be more chaotic than usual in the New Forest and that is saying something however very well worth persisting!

29/08/2009 10:53:41
Barry Dunning
Whichever way you come, avoid Lyndhurst.

30/08/2009 08:23:14
Robert Harris
Don't ignore Barrie's warning about Lyndhurst.

At around midday on Thursday the 18th I unwittingly decided to drop into Lyndhurst for lunch after visiting my daughter Jane who was camping in the New Forest. It probably took an hour to crawl through the town. Never again.


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