Crew Required for Champs - Sunday only

12/08/2009 14:31:59
Ben has unfortunately broken his collar bone and is unable to sail next week, although I've sorted a crew for most of the week I'm stuck for Sunday, any volunteers greatly appreciated. At this stage I'd just like to get on the water.

Please email



12/08/2009 14:45:58
David 3528
If you'll take an 11 (ish) stone lump and I get the ok from the lady.....

12/08/2009 14:50:13
David, thanks for kind offer but in all of two minutes after my post it appears to be sorted, three different crews in one week, nightmare!

Anyone know of a moth for sale?

12/08/2009 15:46:06
Del Boy
I have a moth for sale. if only I can catch it, and stop it from going to the light, the light, the light.

12/08/2009 16:12:30
Mrs Tosh
Tosh has a few, he keeps them in his wallet, said he's happy to swap for a set of sails!!!!

12/08/2009 20:01:12
ben rayner
pleased you got fixed up Alex. best of luck


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