Champs update - There will be a fancy dress night

12/08/2009 14:28:57
Due to popular demand there will be a fancy dress night this year... The theme is 'W' and it will be on Wednesday (of course).
12/08/2009 15:04:33
Andrew M
Will Willie Warren's wigs win Wednesday?

12/08/2009 15:19:27

12/08/2009 16:04:00
Garry R
Why would wee Willie Warren's - with wig - win Wednesday?

12/08/2009 16:35:05
Frances Gifford
Phew - It will be a good week after all.  (not for one moment did I think it wasn't, but now it is for deffo)

John, Sophie et al - I have just bought three separate items on ebay and had them posted to Whitstable Yacht Club, under Frances Gifford c/o Merlin 3690. I hope that's ok.

Very excited person in London Town.

Franny G

12/08/2009 17:09:31
So what is the easiest, and most difficult, W to dress as?

WET - combine with white t-shirt for extra effect.

WIBBLE - two pencils up the nose and some underpants on the head (don't tell me you haven't watched Blackadder?!).

WIMPLE - blue nun optional.

WEST SYSTEMS - epoxy eyes and mouth closed.

12/08/2009 17:29:19
Warrens can come as themselves?

12/08/2009 18:56:39
who's woss going as?

12/08/2009 19:51:48
Fran - are you wearing your age 7 swimming cozzi again this year?


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