Lost Rain Coat At Shoreham

04/08/2009 16:06:36
Glen Truswell
Being me I accidentally left a brand new LaserPerformance raincoat hung on the handle of the room partitioning screen at Shoreham.

If anyone could kindly locate and return it, it would not go without muchos beers in return.

It pretty recognisable as it is all black with orange logos. (There were less than a dozen ever made)

Kind regards

Glen 07799 844675

04/08/2009 16:14:48
If you read the Ross's post below you'll see that he has it !

04/08/2009 17:46:20
Will collect from the club tomorrow Glen and bring to champs!

04/08/2009 21:02:46
Glen Truswell
Ross your a leg-end thanks kind sir!

04/08/2009 21:06:24
Glen Truswell
Ross, I hate to say it but the White Magic Marine Jacket is mine also!!!

Sorry mate.........did you find a set of house keys anywhere?

(Only Joking!)

04/08/2009 22:43:50
Did you actually go home wearing any clothes Glen.....;-)


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