Lost clothing at Shoreham

03/08/2009 20:50:12
Went down the club tonight and found the following items. Email me if any are yours.

White Magic Marine jacket
Red Topman hoodie
Dark grey Laser Performance leightweight jacket
Pair black Reef flipflops with green writing (in pastic bag)
Light and dark grey hoodie, with Hurley International logo
Grey GAP jumper


03/08/2009 21:46:46
Mrs Tosh
Ahh glad you got that Ross, I put what I found in the club house. Tosh has also picked up someone's Tictac (sp?) zip cover from the changing room by accident - will post or take to The Champs if anyone claims it. Thanks for a lovely weekend all round and to Shoreham SC for allowing us to camp over last night....... we'll be back!

04/08/2009 09:38:09
Hi Amanda, the grey GAP top and tack tick cover have been claimed by Alex. 

Glad you all had a good time.


04/08/2009 12:49:21
To add the the list - have found a checked green duvet in the van - Tom BP think it may be yours? Or Fran or Tim or Alex - could be any one of yours actually! x

04/08/2009 21:08:13
Glen Truswell
Ross, I hate to say it but the Black Laser Performance Jacket and the White Magic Marine Jackets are both mine!!!

Sorry mate.........did you find a set of house keys anywhere?

(Only Joking!)

04/08/2009 21:11:08
Mrs Tosh
Sure you didn't lose the plot as well Glen! We found the white jacket hanging from Tosh's rudder yesterday morning!

05/08/2009 11:23:58
Rob K
Oops that hurley hoody sounds like its mine. Didnt even notice I'd lost it. I'll get it off you at the nats please Ross. Nice one.

05/08/2009 11:51:05
No problem Rob, will bring to the champs.

Sounds like I'm going to have a cheap first night at the bar in Whitstable ;-))

05/08/2009 13:15:33
Any Shoreham results yet?

05/08/2009 13:25:38
Report and results have been submitted. Give everyone a chance to do their steps and you'll see it soon enough....


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